Saturday, September 2, 2006

Tink (Tink's Tribulations)

Today, we're happy to have an Tink (Tink's Tribulations) joining us for an interview...

The panel is ready with their questions...

First question...

What do you consider your strengths?

Naturally family would be first. And while it may seem rather dorky, I'm extremely kind (almost to a fault).

Your weaknesses?

Hurting too much when I have to say no to Princess and not believing anyone (other than my own dear mom) is as good a mother as myself.

What is your favorite part of the male anatomy?

The brain (the one in the head sis, so don't even go there).

If you could be a comic book superhero (man, woman or monster), which one and why?

Why Tater what a nice question to ask of your auntie. I was alway rather partial to Wonder Woman because she was; first a woman who had ideals which I subscribe to and because when I was much younger, I looked like a short Lynda Carter.

What is the hardest academic problem you have ever encountered?

Trying to figure out why my sisters and children had to really study to get through school. Oh, not quite what you meant huh?

What do you like to do in your leisure time?

Read, cross stitch, scrapbooking, stare at Pan (did you know he resembles Tom Hanks?).

How many times have you been to Walt Disney World?

It might be easier to ask how many times I haven't been. But okay, at least 15 times, probably more. How many times have you been?

When do you expect to be a great grandmother?

25 years if I have any say in it.

If you could have one talent bestowed upon you, what would it be?

It wouldn't be singing, because although bug can't sing, I can. So I guess it would be some kind of art, drawing, painting, sculpting, that kind of thing.

Where did you grow up and in what type of family background?

I'm an AF brat. I grew up in South Dakota, California, Massachusetts (I can even spell it), Arkansas, Illinois, Nebraska, Florida and Guam, in a two parent household. Although dad being in the AF was gone a lot.

How many siblings do you have?

Two. ddpup and the bug. I think that is sufficient.

What are the jobs you have had in your life?

A wife, mother and grandmother; a legal assistant; office manager for a contracting company and body shop; and office manager, graphic artist, bookkeeper, circulation manager for a newspaper.

What are your favorite actors/ress?

Orson Wells. I just love that man in all his capacities. Sean Connery in Darby O'Gill and Medicine Man. Maureen O'Hara. John Wayne.

Three top movies that stand out for you are?

On the Beach and Horatio Hornblower, both with Gregory Peck and Gunga Din with Cary Grant.

Favorite music groups?

Chicago. I'm not good with the names of music or musical groups. Much better with movies.

Three favorite songs?

You are My Inspiration; Amazing Grace and Dark Side of the Moon. Instead of the traditional wedding music, Pan and I were married to You are My Inspiration, so it is very dear to me.

Favorite quote?

God does not close a door without first opening a window.

What do you do when you are depressed?

First I retreat and refuse to talk to anyone, then I call my mom.

which do you prefer: a rainy day so you can stay and watch a movie under a blanket with a cup of hot choc or a hot day so you can grab your towel and sunscreen and head down to the beach?

Rainy day watching a movie but without the blanket or hot cocoa, just to hot here even when it is raining. I can track enough sand in the house just by walking out the door, why would I want to do it deliberately. Unless we have the boat in the water. Then I prefer the boat.

Romantic comedy's or Dramas?

Horror/Thrillers, but if you insist on either comedy or drama, then it would be drama. I don't like watching anything where I end up being embarrassed for one of the characters.

Elevator or stairs?

Depends on how high the building is. Oh forget that , it would be elevator. I love elevators almost as much as I love flying.

Gym or couch potato?

Computer potato. I hate my couch.

Cinema or DVD fan?

DVD. I don't care for crowds and you always get someone in a theatre who is a pest. Although I do like some of the newer theatres and the dining theatres. There is just something about having a glass of wine or bottle of beer and dinner while watching a movie on a big screen. Just wish there was one nearer than 30 minutes away.

Favorite restaurant?

Yamato's Japanese Restaurant.

Favorite clothing shop?

I hate shopping, so it would be the first one I could get in and out of within a matter of minutes.

Favorite chocolate bar?

Don't care to much for chocolate, but if I have to eat it then I would want it to come from Austria.

bath or shower?

I prefer baths, but I take showers.

How many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had?

Boy that's a loaded question. I have had my share of "boyfriends," but as far as having friends, I am a rather reserved person and do not like people just because they are people. I have to get to know them and sometimes that can be a hard thing for me to do. All in all I have about 5 very close friends and most of them have been friends for 30-40 years.

Favorite book?

The Horatio Hornblower series by C.S. Forester.

Favorite authors?

Ken Follett, James Michner, Stephen King, Piers Anthony, Tom Clancy.

What is the first thing you do in the morning after waking?

Run to the bathroom. What do you do?

How often do you cry?

Probably not often enough. I understand that crying is suppose to be therapuetic.

What was the last thing that got you excited?

Pan walking through the house nekkid.

The last thing that made you sad?

Scamp going to Afghanistan.

Do you watch the news?

I read it. With one son in the Navy and one in the Marines, there is just something about 'hearing' the news that grips at my heart. It is much easier for me to read it.

What is your favorite board game ?

Trivial Pursuit, but then what did you expect from someone who scored 46% on the geek test.

Name most important people in your life?

Dad, Mom, Pan, Nuke, Scamp, Bombshell, Honey, Princess Z, Ballerina, Indiana B and JPW.

Who are your best friends?

Mom, Pan, and Rennie

Favorite pastime


What is your most prized possession?

Non-material - my grandkids. Material - my black pearls.

So, when was the last time you put on your Tinkerbell Wings and danced around for Pan?

Pan won't dance with me, so I don't dance for him. This is a mutual agreement. If you have ever seen Forest Gump and seen him dance, he looks just like Pan.

What other nicknames have you had besides Tink?

Sunni and Ronni, both of them given to me by teachers. Although the U.S. military always thought my name was Aaron. I scored so high on the military entrance exam I had to take in high school, I guess they figured I had to be a boy. But why Aaron?

Do you remember where you went on the first date with your husband?

Did bug coach you in this? Yes I remember. We went to Red Lobster and I had to pay because he forgot his wallet. When he forgot it on the second date, I think he felt he had to ask me to marry him, lol. I made him go back for it the second time.

Describe Pan's wedding proposal.

He gave me his ex-fiance's ring and asked me not to cry. Now before you get the idea that he is a cad, let me tell you, I had no objections to the $1500 engagement ring with the flawless diamond. Even better, it had to be cut down nearly 4 sizes, so there was no way she was ever going to get it back. (yes, even I can be spiteful)

How did you find out that you were going to be a parent for the first time?

If you don't know the answer to this one, I suggest you take a biology class at your local junior college.

Do you play soldier of fortune 2?

No. Although Pan has an X-box and somewhere around is a Ninetendo and Playstation, I never really got into them. Though I did try to play finding Nemo and when Pan's arm was broken I had to do the fighting for him in one of the star wars game he has.

That 1 Guy
So there's three of you sisters... you, VW, and ddpup. Any more siblings?

Nope, thank goodness. I don't know what I would have done anymore younger siblings. Hard enough just to train the two of them.

That 1 Guy
Who was the meanest of you all?

Oh that is a hard one because we all were to some extend, but I guess I was the most devious mean of us three.

That 1 Guy
Who got away with everything?

I don't think any of us really got away with everything. Mom was pretty fair. And each of us had a way from twisting dad around our finger. bug was the only one who could say "boob" in front of dad and get away with it. Maybe it was because she was the baby. But then ddpup could make the nastiest sentence sound like something good so she got away with alot in that respect. And dad just knew I was too nice to do anything, like send anonymous birthday cards every year.

That 1 Guy
Who gets maddest being compared to the rest of the siblings?

I don't think any of us do or ever really did get mad being compared to the other, mainly because it didn't happen all that often, if at all. We moved around too much for us to have the same teachers and the folks were excellent about not comparing us. Of course, my sisters may feel differently, but I don't think so. And quite frankly I would be honored to be compared to either one of them.

That 1 Guy
If colors had a voice, what do you think burgundy would sound like?

A strong whistling gale over the water.

That 1 Guy
If music had a taste, what would be your favorite type, and what would it taste like?

I love celtic music and I think it would taste like (no, not corned beef and cabbage, although I do like it) fresh cantaloup with salt and pepper.

Tink, that was a joy! I appreciate your taking these questions. Thanks.

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  1. Very well done, Tink. And while I asked about the colors to be weird, I really was curious to know what you thought. Very cool, and very fitting.


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