Saturday, September 23, 2006

Interview Winner (2nd Drawing)

I mentioned last weekend that the person who won the DVD in the interview questions drawing had not responded. And they had until Friday to respond. They didn't. So, to the person who sent in this question, sorry.

For those that forgot, here's what happened.

To try to increase questions being submitted for interviews, I announced that I was throwing all the submissions in August into a drawing. The winner would get a DVD of choice. Anything within reason.

And the person I drew hasn't responded. So, no winner. I draw another.

Here's the funny thing. The question drawn (the new winner) is for an interview that hasn't been posted yet. Questions for Dr. Andrew McAllister (To Love, Honor and Dismay) are still being taken. But Lisa sent the question in during the timeframe of the drawing. So, she wins for submitting a question ... that hasn't even been sent to the blogger.

She has until Friday to claim her DVD. Okay, to respond and tell me what DVD she wants.

We had a lot of questions sent in during August. A lot more than came in July. And September, so far. I'm wondering if I ought to try bribing you folks every month.

It's a thought.

Anyway, if you haven't sent in a question to any of the bloggers coming up, do so. Check this page. It's got the list of upcoming bloggers being interviewed. Use the "Ask Your Questions" links to submit a question to a blogger. Or two. Or more.

We have some good ones scheduled. And other good ones not yet scheduled. But everyone on that list has volunteered ... and we're taking questions for all of them. Send them in. It'll be fun.

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