Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Late Nights, Long Hours

No, I'm not talking about work. I did the whole "bring work home" stuff years ago. Never again.

Instead, I'm talking about working on computers.

You see, in the family, I'm the computer geek. Oh, I'm certainly not the only computer-literate family member. I'm just the one that seems to enjoy it the most. Therefore, I'm the geek.

I was told ... years ago ... by the Patriarch that I spent way too much time on the computer. Plus, heck, he didn't see why anyone would even need a computer in the home, much less spend any time on it.

Of course, he spends, on some days, more time on his computer than I spend on mine.

Still, I'm the geek.

Which is fine. Don't get me wrong.

The Little Princess is having computer issues. She's a student at the University of Georgia, and has a Dell laptop. It's her second laptop computer. Her first was a Gateway that her mother sent her off to school with. There were issues with it, and I got her a new Dell. Now, there are issues with the Dell.

So, last week, we scheduled meeting ... in Macon, of all places ... so we could swap computers. She'd take my Gateway laptop and I'd take her Dell laptop. I'd check it out, figure out what I could about it, then get Dell to come fix it. Yes, it has that on-site warranty. But, I feel it's best to have done everything I can do before getting the professionals involved.

It's been long hours working on the Dell laptop. Because it keeps shutting off. She thinks it's overheating. And I don't disagree.

I've done what I can do, and am contacting Dell about fixing it.

But here's the thing.

When we met in Macon, I found out the rest of the Little Princess' dastardly plan. She brought not only the Dell laptop, but the old Gateway laptop. And her Dell desktop.

Looks like her parents have been playing Dueling PCs.

Well, they're all here at my house now, so I guess I win.

Anyway, I'm working on three computers for the Little Princess. And I'm without my primary computer. You see, the Gateway laptop (mine, that she has with her now) was my primary computer. It had all my ... everything ... on it.

Unless and until I get one or more of hers fixed, my current machine is this Linux box I'm working on as I type this.

So, I'm able to blog. But not to the degree I'd like. No silly pictures for White Trash Wednesdays. No time to properly surf the 'Net. Just working on computers.

You might find a guest post or two up along and along. There are several who have posting rights here. And I welcome them all.

I'm still trying to do all the interviews stuff...

OH! That reminds me!

Remember during August, I had a promotion where interview questions submitted were going into a drawing for a DVD? Well, the winner was selected (has an email address, but no blog) ... and emailed ... and hasn't responded! So, the person who asked this question has until midnight Friday to respond ... with the same email address. Or on Saturday, I'll draw another winner.

Anyway. As I was saying. I've been busy with computers. And will be for the foreseeable future.

I love this stuff!


  1. Alabama Bloggers Roundup...

    If I did not highlight your blog specifically, choose a post from your blog for me to post, edit it to add a link to this post, and then send a TrackBack. As soon as I get it, I will edit the post with your highlighted post.

    Dan is asking what happene...

  2. How ironic that I should be the first person to respond to this post. I just came by to say this:

    Honorable, helpful, kind, considerate Mr. Basil,

    It is with a humble heart that I thank you for assisting Carol in determining what had gone askew with my blog. Everything is working beautifully now, and I am forever grateful to you.
    Your biggest fan,


  3. Bonnie: I'm just glad everything's now working as desired.


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