Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Headline News 2006-09-05

From Houston Chronicle:
Sperm samples destroyed when refrigerator fails
Elton John forced to order out

From ABC News:
Stingray Kills Famed 'Crocodile Hunter'
Stingray to crocodiles: 'Amateurs'

From ABC News:
For Dead Teens, There's MyDeathSpace
Site owner unsure why few dead teens are updating site

From ABC News:
Schwarzenegger Explains Why He Went Green
Considers Orion slave girls 'hot'

From ABC News:
Scientist Says Lots of Dinosaurs Remain
'Weekly World News' buys 'Scientific American'

From ABC News:
Atlantic Tropical Depression Strengthens
Zoloft impact credited

From ABC News:
Democrats Push for Own Religious Voice
Seeks to secure Wiccan vote

From ABC News:
Ice core evidence of human impact on CO2 in air
Levels to drop if environmentalists quit breathing

From ABC News:
Singer Pete Doherty Sentencing Postponed
Judge wants to find out just who Pete Doherty is

From ABC News:
Burning Man Festival Climaxes in Nevada
Has cigarette, rolls over

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