Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Good Fences...

No, this isn't a post in illegal immigration. It's about fences, though.

You may know the Wife has goats. Two of them. Had them for a while. I first mentioned them during a bet I had with another blogger. Which I won. Though she's the better fan.

Anyway, I mentioned the other day that I needed to work on a fence. But was busy with other stuff.

Well, tonight, we had to head straight home after work. Missed two nieces' softball game. To work on a fence. For goats.

You see, the Wife got a call at work today that the goats had got out of the pen. Again. And had crossed the road.

Which means if they got hit by a speeding car or a truck, we'd have to bury a goat. Or two. I've never buried a goat. I'm not looking forward to it.

Anyway, we had to put up a fence.

We didn't put up a fence, though. We put up part of a fence. We did replace the part of the old fence that was a trouble spot. But we only replaced that one section. The sun went down and I was tired. Ended up washing about 7 pounds of dirt (actually: dirt, chicken poop, goat crap, assorted other animal unpleasantries) afterwards.

But, we got a section of fence up. There's more to do. But the critical part is done.

That's why you didn't get any Headline News. I didn't write any up this morning before work. And I went straight to fence-mending right after work.

I was trying to decide if I'd do the headlines as a pirate anyway. "Tanks be rollin' in Thailand as land-lubbers protest" Or something.

It's late. Or itseems late. After working on a goat fence in the dark, it sure seems late.

I think there's a post set to appear in the morning. Maybe. Maybe not. I'm too tired to check.

But there darn sure better not be a goat in the front yard in the morning!


  1. we'll see about that.... they do seem to be smarter than the average bear there boo-boo

  2. Ba-a-a-a-a, is that a goat I hear laughing? ;)

  3. Tell the truth, you are just being politically correct. The fence is really to keep the Muslims away from the goats.

  4. Yes, but they've had the whole night to study the situation and plot their escape.


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