Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Headline News 2006-09-06

From CNN: Ex-track star killed by U.S. friendly fire Was jealous of Pat Tillman From CNN: Goldmans seek rights to O.J. Simpson's fame Plans to kill wife, someone else's son From WMUR: Bombs found in mailboxes Netflix pressured to drop Kevin Costner movies From KPRC: Three arrested in DVD theft scheme Caught returning Kevin Costner movies to mailboxes From WESH: Train carrying french fries derails Ketchup train derailed to assist in cleanup From WEWS: City says goodbye to slain officer Officer didn't hear it From KOCO: Police chief keeps job despite porn star wife Must wipe off handcuffs before making arrest From CNN: Dems push for no-confidence vote on Rumsfeld Still think they won in 2000, 2004 From CNN: Justice Kennedy has second surgery on artery Doctors still unable to locate heart From CNN: Pluto demotion draws protest Mickey, Donald stand up for friend

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