Monday, September 25, 2006

Headline News 2006-09-25

From CNN:
Falwell: Sen. Clinton fires up base more than devil
Devil spokesman Tony Snow rejects statement

From CNN:
Bill Clinton: I got closer to killing bin Laden
New euphamism for oral sex

From CNN:
Hussein defense to boycott trial 'indefinitely'
Hussein asks to boycott execution

From CNN:
$8 from each American sought for slavery museum
6-year-olds ask for increase in allowance

From KOAT:
New Mexico spaceport ready for launch
Roswell aliens to return home soon

From KETV:
Bulletproof vest of chicken feathers?
Murtha opens sideline business

From CNN:
Face on Mars gets makeover
"Queer Eye for the Mars Guy" debuts

From CNN:
NBC unsure of Madonna mock crucifixion
Networks wants to use real nails

From CNN:
Pizza delivery drivers form union at Florida Domino's
FSU grads now guaranteed union work

From ABC News:
U.S. did not threaten to bomb Pakistan: Armitage
Still willing to, though

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  1. Iraqi Questions Pro-Saddam "Anti-War"...

    Questions: Although they reflect the tremendous suffering throughout the decades by the Iraqi People; they were addressed to those who protested to prevent the urgently needed war against Saddam......


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