Thursday, September 7, 2006

Headline News 2006-09-07

From CNN:
Poet's love letter is a hoax
Just wanted sex

From ABC News:
Duke Lacrosse Team Returns to Practice
Practice hookers hired

From ABC News:
Germany says Iran can't be allowed to harm U.N.
Insists that remain their job

From ABC News:
Microsoft: Vista Will Cost Same As XP
Price per security hole remains constant

From ABC News:
Cisco sees growth in video, routing market share
Panchos job secure

From ABC News:
Arctic Monkeys Win Mercury Music Prize
Runner up on Venus, Mars

From ABC News:
Will Rhode Island Senator Be GOP's Lieberman?
Jim Jeffords' prestige on the line

From Reuters:
Bush admits CIA has held terror suspects
President also confirms sky blue, water wet

From NY Times:
Bad Fuel Cell Delays Shuttle Launch
Fuel Cell placed in time out, told to "be nice"

From AJC:
Braves take a pregnant pause
Hooters girls await results


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