Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Goodbye to the Alliance?

I was caught a little off-guard by Harvey's post announcing the end of the Blog War. Lately, I've been preoccupied with my own little issues to notice much of what Harvey and Susie have been going through.

So, my lack of paying attention contributed to my being surprised.

Harvey announced that the Blog War was over.

And part of it is my fault.

I'm supposed to be a "Blog Tips" guru. Offering tips and help to people that might want to improve their blogging. Like I'm supposed to be able to help with that! Phin, the other guru, offered more tips than did I. My contributions were more geeky stuff and less advice or tips. And then I haven't done much of that for the last while.

Lately, readership at the Alliance down to less than 150 hits ... and less than 100 unique visitors ... a day. And that has to be really frustrating to Harvey and Susie, who have been quite preoccupied with important matters, but have continued to keep the Alliance running.

That all ends now. Harvey doesn't have the time to do this with all the other, more important, things he has to do. Susie likewise. GEBIV also. And Phin, too.

Me? Heck, I'm just a slacker. I have no excuse. I've other blogs running that I'm contributing to. So, I don't have an excuse.

So, if the closure of the Alliance bothers you, send most of the blame my way. The others have honest-to-God real reasons for needing to do other things. Not me. I'm just a slacker.

And, in order to go out with a whimper rather than a bang, I've got a Blog Tip that I've worked on and have been meaning to publish that I plan to publish ... unless they take away my access over there.

It's about putting Recent Comments in your sidebar. It tells how to do it for TypePad, WordPress, and, yes, Blogger!

I will run that Thursday. If the Alliance is still up then.

I'm really going to miss this. But, like so many things, you don't miss it until it's gone.


  1. You mean to tell me the reason I am here and blogging today is gone? Caput?! Ceased!

    A politcal blog tour de force is now having a farewell tour?

    Well. Damn

    I guess people who DO have time for sorts of massive alliances and all should break off and make a new one or a bastard continuation of the old one then. Pick a new enemy (Definetly a more interesting and far eviler one) I vote myself for that position.

  2. p.s.

    the TTLB shows me at an average of 38 visits a day for the past year and I don't go all soft and quit.

    lol jk =P Oh man to have 100 unique visits!


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