Sunday, September 17, 2006

Today's Wide Awakes Radio Show? A Definite Maybe.

I'm having some troubles with the old computer today.

Quick background:

Daughter (The Little Princess) had computer issues. So, we swapped while I got hers fixed.

She's at school (University of Georgia in Athens) and needs her computer. So, her computer is now repaired. And her boyfriend took it to her Friday.

He's not back with my computer yet.

I'm operating on a Linux machine.

I'm new to Linux. Well, not new. Just very inexperienced. And I'm trying to install the necessary applications for being on the air today. So far, not much luck.

Either I'm doing something wrong, or ...

Well, there is no "or" ... I'm doing something wrong.

I'm still working it. If SoldierBoy shows up with my computer before 3:00, I won't have a problem. Or, if I get this Linux installation figured out, I won't have a problem.

Otherwise, I'll have a problem.

So, today's WAR show? A definite maybe.

UPDATE: Turned out to be a "no" ... sorry.

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