Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Headline News 2006-09-27

From CNN:
Supernova first spotted in A.D. 185 found
Forgot where they left it

From CNN:
Chevy Chase to star in Gibson-based 'L&O'
Former SNL star: "I've been singing in malls & know all the words to 'Electric Youth'"

From CNN:
'$64,000 Challenge' host dead
Bush blamed

From CNN:
Russia fury at Georgia spy arrests
Waycross jail now full

From KHBS:
Teacher sentenced for sex with boy
Vows to only have sex with little girls from now on

From KSAT:
Gunman storms into Target store
Demands "no more commercials with that damned dog"

From CNN:
GOP picks Twin Cities for 2008 convention
Barbara, Jenna Bush get wish

From CNN:
Billionaire spends millions mapping mouse brains
Now understands how Democrats think

From CNN:
Too much testosterone kills brain cells
Men's behavior finally understood

From CNN:
Walk like an Australian
Bangles comeback falls flat

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