Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Duct Tape

Duct tape is a wonderul thing. There ain't much taht can't be fixxed by useing duct tape.

Whe n I was a little thing, I used to call it "duck tape" becaue ... well, i was young and didn't know no better. I'm older and wiser now. Like the song says.

I heard they actually got a duct tape called duck tape. Pretty smart marketging in my opinion. Expecially i fyou got a duck that needs fixin.

I've seen duct tape used to patch windows on cars. I've seen shovel handles held together with duct tape. Heck, I've even seen axe handles held together with duct tape. But you woant find me near that person wwinging the axe.

Some folks uses it to patch furniture. Works, too. Works real good. the couch in our living room has duct tape keeping it together.

The microwave will last a year or two longer if you duct tape it. The refrigerator too. And the mailvox.

And i've been wondering. What are some of the best uses for duct tape you've ever seen? Basil said I ought to ask you to leave them in the comments. So, I will. Ask you to leave them in the comments.

I'll start. Here's the best use for duct tape I've every seen:

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  1. Duct tape cures Planters Warts. I know this because after trying everything I could find, I ran across the information on a website and tried it. I didn't have just a small Planters Wart, I had a mosaic wart that covered my whole heel. Talk about painful. Anyway, you basically keep the wart covered with duct tape for seven days, then the night of the seventh day you soak the wart in warm water and use an emory board to sand it down some and then let it breath overnight. Then repeat until the wart is gone. It took about 6 weeks but it was worth it since I had the wart for about 6 months before I found the website.

  2. I'll betcha that guy screamed when he took the duct tape off, ripping the hairs surrounding his butt crack!

  3. White Trash Wednesday...

    White Trash Wednesday
    I forgot, but it’s White Trash Wednesday. Foxxxy isn’t around anymore - it’s just me doing the WTW posts now.

    Here are my contributions for this week. I think I’m going to send the following tacky postca...

  4. I have GOT to figure out how to get that damned javascript to work over at my place so I can put up the whole gang of WTWers. I tried pasting the blogroll javascript code in the main entry but it won't take. Drats! WordPress.

  5. Here's a secret:

    I'm not using the JavaScript in the listing in the post. I'm using it in the sidebar via widgets. But in the post, where there's a listing? That's nothing more than highlighting the WTW blogroll in the sidebar (not the code, but the output; what the user sees), then copying (CTRL-C) and pasting (CTRL-V) into the post itself. But I have to be using the 'visual rich text editor' for this to work. Dashboard > Users > Your Profile > Personal Options [checked]

    Oh, there is a plugin that supposed to allow JavaScript in posts: http://www.ooso.net/index.php/inline-js

    The pages contain lots of non-English text.


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