Friday, September 29, 2006

Headline News 2006-09-29

From WCVB:
Pet store fire called 'animal terrorism'
Islamic poodles claim credit

From WBAL:
Police: Shooting death mistaken for heart attack
Blood spewing from holes were first clue

From CNN:
Cosmic doughnuts linked to massive stars
Stars to go on diet

From CNN:
Secret of 1918 flu epidemic uncovered
It was flu

From CNN:
Upbeat Heche 'enjoying fruits of the planet'
First fruit she's enjoyed since Ellen Degeneres

From ABC News:
Robo-Soldier to Patrol South Korean Border
Bender gets first job since Futurama cancellation

From ABC News:
Airline Passengers Have Bizarre Dispute
John Byner supports take on Super Dave Osborne fans

From ABC News:
Abramoff had more White House ties
Were Father's Day gifts

From ABC News:
Woodward: Bush concealing level of Iraq violence
Putting incidents on nightly news where no one will see them

From ABC News:
Chávez's anti-US campaign
Now Democratic frontrunner to challenge Hillary in '08

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  1. Putin, Afghanistan, & Bin Laden- 2000...

    Who could forget, in pre- 2000, Afghanistan was considered a "Hot-bed of international terrorism"... And by 2000, Russia had threatened to bomb Afghanistan. (And, by-the-way, I don't recall Russia seeking permission from the U.N. Security Council).....


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