Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Boxers or Briefs?

Yes, this topic is exactly what it sounds like. You might want to skip this one.

Still with me? Okay, you have been warned.

Before I enlisted in the Army some years ago, I wore boxers. When I was little, I wore briefs. Why did I change? I don't remember. However, having three sisters of various ages and heights, it really got on my nerves to hear all underwear bottoms referred to as "panties." They all wore panties. So, naturally, what I wore had to be panties too, right? No, but you try telling three sisters who all had a sense of humor, especially when I could be the one bearing the brunt of it. So, I really had a thing about briefs. But, since I had worn them my whole life, I continue to wear them, even after I became responsible for buying my own underwear.

Some years later, though, I made the change. I just liked boxers better. And, I'm not sure why, unless it was to put the whole "panties" thing behind me. So to speak. So, I wore boxers and tossed all the old Fruit Of The Looms out. Or maybe they were Hanes. I think they were Fruit Of The Looms. I can't check, as the trash has long since been carried off. Regardless, they were gone. Then I joined the Army.

The Army issued briefs as standard equipment. I'm sure boxers were available. But they didn't have any, so I got briefs. When I got a chance to go to the PX, I bought some boxers. They didn't have them to issue, but had them for sale. Go figure. Anyway, I bought some boxers. Turned out, though, that it's not that easy to make boxers available for inspection. You see, in the Army, you have a locker that you keep your stuff in. And they inspect it. Briefs are easy to fold for inspection. Boxers, for some reason, aren't. For me, anyway. So, the changeover to briefs was eventually complete. I kept some Army boxers around at the house, but ended up wearing briefs all the time.

After I left the service, I continued wearing briefs. Actually, I continued wearing Army briefs. I had them and there was nothing wrong with them. I eventually bought others, and bought briefs. And I kept buying briefs until recently. Over Christmas vacation, I went to my hometown to visit with family. And, I messed up packing. So, to the store to buy some supplies. Including underwear. And they were out of my size and brand of briefs. But they had boxers. So I bought some.

After coming down with a cold and having to call the trip to my hometown short, I came back to the house and crawled in bed to recover. But, from time to time I'd get up and get juice or eat cereal or take some medicine or something. And, I wore my boxers. Instead of finding my robe, I'd just walk around in my boxers (and undershirt). Turns out, that's the reason for boxers. You can walk around in them and not make the wife say "Go find your robe!" like she'll do if you're in briefs. I can walk around in boxers and she won't say a thing. That's why guys like me wear boxers: too lazy to put on a robe and would rather walk around in underwear anyway.

And, that's a lovely mental image I'm leaving you with. But I warned you about reading this one.


  1. Does the phrase TMI mean anything to you? :lol: Yes you warned me, but it is like looking at the elephant man or something, ya know? You just can't help yourself.

  2. Big Sis (who's only 5'4")January 11, 2005 at 2:45 AM

    I am SO glad you have panties that suit you now!


    What's next?

    Ribbed for her pleasure or regular?

    My mental eye. My mental yes. It's seared, seared into my memory.

  4. I'm a briefs guy 'cuz I like having my junk supported instead of letting it bounce around like the clapper in a bell.

    As for running around the house, Beloved Wife likes me to go nekkid, so it's not really an issue.

    How's THAT for TMI? :-)


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