Saturday, January 15, 2005

More Son of Headline News Rides Again

From Fairbanks Daily News-Miner (via respublica):
Dogs face numbers game for playoffs
Began as friendly poker game, expanded to bookmaking

From ABC News:
Sheep's Brain Placed in Salad Dressing
On the bright side, Hannibal Lechter wasn't the chef

From ABC News:
100-Pound Woman Downs Six-Pound Burger
106-Pound Woman Won't Leave Hardee's Restroom

From ABC News:
Abu Ghraib Abuse Ringleader Blames Superiors
Graner: "It's their fault for putting an idiot like me in charge"

From ABC News:
Iraq Considers New Ways to Protect Voters
Not Blowing Them Up May Be An Option

From ABC News:
Oracle Firing 5,000 in PeopleSoft Takeover
Large pool of beta-testers for PeopleSoft's new H.R. software found

From ABC News:
U.S. Announces Tsunami Warning System Plan
Involves running from beach screaming "There's a tsunami coming! There's a tsunami coming1"

From ABC News:
Right Whales Having a Mini-Baby Boom
Poor sex education in schools blamed

From ABC News:
NY Met Unveils Major Exhibition of Rubens Drawings
Pee-Wee Herman goes legit

From ABC News:
Bush Will Watch What He Says in Second Term
Backup plan is watching the reaction to what he says

From CNN:
Hitler 'ordered pope kidnapped'
Bush blamed

From CNN:
Unpredictable year for Golden Globes
Lack of good films nominated cited as reason

From CNN:
Slow and steady wins weight-loss race
At this rate, I'll be skinny by 2058

From CNN International:
Brit judge sets wife killer free
"Bitch Needed Killing"

Calif. residents urged to avoid leaky dam
Other things to avoid: barking dogs, swaying bridges, running with scissors

From ABC News:
Why 'Keira' and 'Mohammed' are hot British baby names
I'm sorry. I thought it said "Hot British Babes" and clicked on it. My bad.

From Chicago Sun-Times:
Bush: I know words have consequences
Just doesn't know all the words

From BBC:
Atheist loses Bush prayer fight
Lawsuit never had a prayer


  1. Oh my goodness. My head just hurts trying to think of one. Very creative and funny...Thanks for the laugh!


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