Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Son of Return of Headline News Rides Again

From ABC News:
Rice Pledges to Mend Ties With Allies
Will also wash shirts with Iran, cook supper with North Korea

From ABC News:
Off-Track Horse-Betting Trial Begins
Defendent a 5-2 longshot

From ABC News:
Online Broker Ameritrade Beats Estimates
Estimates refuses to press charges

From ABC News:
Verizon Teams Up With Yahoo for Content
Now, when you enter "MOM" on your cell phone, you'll only have to scroll through 21,400,000 entries

From ABC News:
Modern Clothes Are Unwearable, Says Cardin
Which explains all the naked people

From ABC News:
1940s Film Star Virginia Mayo Dies at 84
Mayo expires after 84 years

From ABC News:
RFK Jr. Eyeing Attorney General's Race
Sirhan Sirhan Jr. eyes Kennedy

From AJC:
Waffle House hit with bias suit
Say they were treated unfairly; Don't say why they wanted to eat at a Waffle House

From AJC:
Two schools among best in Georgia
Rest of schools in Georgia suck

From CNN:
Harvard president criticized over comments
School president described differences between the sexes; NOW president says "Isn't that just like a man?"

From CNN:
Jerry Springer begins liberal radio show
Expected to be a hit with bi-sexual midget strippers who gave birth to their daddy's baby

From CNN money:
N.Y. manufacturing activity slips
Can be worn while dancing

From CNN:
Woman falls to death attempting balcony handstand
Gene pool being cleaned

From Fox News:
Airbus Unveils Monster Passenger Jet
Monster Passengers Will Fly To Safety, Escaping Scooby-Doo And Friends

From BBC:
Rice underlines need for dialogue
But still wants French to shut up

From BBC:
Kobe marks quake anniversary
Hopes public forgets he raped girl in Colorado

From BBC:
NI marine life in decline - WWF
Blame Hogan-Flair Feud

From BBC:
Muslim schools 'deeply upset'
But decapitating Americans might make them feel better

From BBC:
Dioxin found in German eggs
Big news is that Germans lay eggs

From rediff.com:
Bush open to military action against Iran
Rumsfeld, Cheney giddy like schoolgirls

From The New Zealand Herald:
Bush praises Martin Luther King
President: "He was the black guy, right?"

From Aljazeera:
Polls: Bush not backed on Iraq war
Polls also show Kerry leading in Ohio, Florida

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  1. The Mean Sister (who is 5'6")January 18, 2005 at 11:38 AM

    After reading the first headline and your link from lunch about the Harvard president, I think you and Scrappleface have a common theme going on here.

  2. HA! your headlines can't be matched, and your stories are entertaining. you have a bright future with this blogging thing.


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