Thursday, January 6, 2005

More Son of Headline News Returns

From ABC News:
Bill Gates Promotes 'Digital Lifestyle'
That explains the pimples and his needing glasses

From ABC News:
Supermodel Heidi Klum, Seal Engaged
Romance with Walrus didn't work out

From ABC News:
Attorney General Pick Vows to Honor Torture Pacts
You torture mine, I'll torture yours

From CNN money:
Playboy coming to iPod
That's not all that will be coming

From CNN International:
Asia slides on Fed comments
Uncertain who left comments on floor

From ABC News:
Shuttle Team Welcomes Redesigned Fuel Tank
Tank feels right at home

From ABC News:
Democrats to Force Debate on Ohio Results
Insist on knowing just how bad ass was kicked

From ABC News:
Pilots Want Warnings About Laser Dangers
All planes to carry stickers saying "Laser Bad"

From ABC News:
Poll: Outlook for 2005 Is Less Bright
Eudora, Thunderbird smarter

From ABC News:
2004 Political Winners and Losers
That about covers everybody

From ABC News:
Ukraine's Yanukovich Fights Election Loss in Court
Figures if American Democrats can look like asses, so can he

From ABC News:
National Semiconductor to Cut Staff
First circumcision performed by chip manufacturer

From ABC News:
Stone Surprised by Poor Response to Epic
Thought everyone wanted to see a movie about a dead Greek homo

From CNN:
Space explosion creates giant bubbles
Galaxy MS 0735.6+7421 farts in tub

From CNN:
Thai rescuers save trapped dolphin
Tupperware comes in handy

From CNN:
'Crossfire's' Carlson to leave CNN
Like rest of viewers

From CNN money:
Pepsi halts wave-themed ad campaign
New campaign to feature mudslides; California on alert

From The New Mexico Channel:
Albuquerque Man Learns Sister Survived Tsunami
Must give her room back

From CNN International:
Report: Man loses 100 relatives
Left them at Texaco on the Interstate

From CNN International:
Blair rejects tsunami criticism
Calls critics "all wet"

From Fox News:
Overweight Kids Likely to Be Fat Adults
Study also reveals kittens likely to grow up to be cats

From The New York Times:
Malpractice Costs Up 150% Since 1999, Hospitals Say
John Edwards leaves Senate after 6 years

From The New York Times:
Geiger Retires at Ohio State
Mission to turn program from well-respected into mediocre, scandal-laden one is complete

From The Washington Post:
House Ethics Chair Likely to Be Replaced
Committee has eye on a new La-Z-Boy

From The Washington Post:
Rehnquist Back at Supreme Court Part Time
Answering phone, getting coffee for Souter

From BBC:
Ban On Spinners' Naked Calendar
Calendar by O'Jays, Temptations approved

1 comment:

  1. "Overweight Kids Likely to Be Fat Adults"
    Puppies less likely to become good housecats.

    Heh, I like this, it's funny.


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