Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Son of Headline News Rides Again

From ABC News:
Ala. Sheriff's Anti-Gay Views Draw Protest
Protesters threaten to "slap him silly"

From ABC News:
Tsunami Once Killed in California
Serial Tsunami Sought

From ABC News:
New U.S. Food Guidelines Stress Vegetables, Grains
Vegetables, Grains To Try Breathing Exercises To Relieve Stress

From ABC News:
Torrential Storm Tears Up Western States
Lots of Scotch Tape will be needed to put states back together

From ABC News:
Rare Set of George Washington Letters on Auction
A, I, N, O, and T for sale

From ABC News:
France Calls for New Start to Relations with U.S.
Want second chance to fart in our general direction, taunt us again

From ABC News:
SunTrust Faces Formal SEC Probe
Pac-10, Big 12 mum on intentions

From ABC News:
Apple Profit More Than Quadruples
Could reach double-digits

From ABC News:
Delta Won't Have It Easy Luring Customers
Will take more than low-cut dresses, fancy make-up

From ABC News:
Microsoft Fixes Carry Top Threat Rating
Tom Ridge schedules news conference

From ABC News:
Kennedy Accuses Bush of Hyping Problems
Senator, expert at downplaying problems since July 1969, says President has much to learn

From ABC News:
Coaches Delay Vote on Changes in Poll Vote
Vote to Vote on Vote Vetoed

From ABC News:
Moss likely facing $5,000 fine for moon dance
Next time, will run fans over with car to save $3,800 in fines

From CNN:
Teacher suspended over reported anti-Arab remark
Told to make anti-Christian statements if he must act like an ass

From CNN:
What the president reads
"Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat," "Fox in Socks," and "Mother Goose Tales"

From Tallahassee Democrat:
Bush wants more money for reading
Wants to get "Cat in the Hat," "The Little Red Hen"

From CNN International:
Thatcher set for surprise day in court
So lets keep it a secret, okay?

From Herald Sun:
Shark tees up Bush for charity
Jabberjaw, Former Prez host fundraiser

From Fox News:
Dems Plan to Obstruct Bush Agenda
Could start being hard to get along with most any day now

Early mammal dined on dinosaurs
Fred, Wilma ate Stega-Burgers regularly

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  1. I don't have time to read the article on the Alabama sheriff, but I recall there's a gay nudist colony somewhere mid-state.

    Maybe it's good for the local economy?

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