Sunday, January 30, 2005

Headline News 2005-01-30

From The Washington Post:
Bush's Exercise in Fiscal Restraint
Step 1: Find a drunken sailor...

From ABC News:
Pope Loses Battle With Peace-Symbol Dove
Dove takes Pontiff in best-of-three falls steel-cage match

From ABC News:
Man Runs Dating Service Out of His Cab
Commonly called pimping

From ABC News:
KKK Robes, Books Sell at Michigan Auction
Money will be used to build the Robert C. Byrd Library

From ABC News:
Tsunami Children Suffer From Malnutrition
Experts: Lack of food may be cause

From ABC News:
Britney's Kid Sister Gets Own TV Show
Jamie Lynn Spears to star in "My Sister's A Slut and I'm Cashing In" on Nickelodeon

From ABC News:
Sen. Barbara Boxer Steps Into Spotlight
Former crack whore now media whore

From CNN:
Pelosi joins tribute to former China leader
Minority Leader: "I always wanted to be a Communist, just like Zhao, and as a leader in the Democratic party, I have fulfilled my dream"

From CNN:
Town in uproar after Nazis 'adopt a road'
Opponents will spend money to protest, but not to adopt the highway

From CNN:
Lights still out for 300,000 in Georgia
On normal day, only 290,000 Georgians without electricity

O.J. case will pale in comparison to Jackson trial
O.J. Simpson revealed to be White!

From BBC:
Rappers sentenced over MP threats
If served, will be first complete sentence any have been involved with since early '90s

From The Australian:
Beazley tells Howard to counsel Bush
New White House pup directs Australian policy

From CNN:
Iraq's mark of freedom: Ink stains
Dems, Old Europe criticize; preferred Saddam's blood stains

From CNN:
Former Clinton aide backs Dean for party chair
Harold Ickes revealed to be a paid GOP operative

From ABC News:
Company Won't Pull Straightjacketed Bear
Vermont Teddy Bear Co. calls bear "appropriate way to honor" former governor

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