Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Son of Return of More Headline News Rides Again

Frank J. over at IMAO is under the weather today. Actually, he has someone to look after him, so he's playing sick. Anway, he posted a Headline Fun request. The crazies over there responded in force. Go read. It's funny stuff!!

Here's some of what I submitted, and some of what I didn't submit:
From ABC News:
D.A. Confronts 'Jury Pool From Hell'
Saddam to be tried by jury of his peers

From ABC News:
Mich. Cops Round Up Critters After Crash
Elly May's truck turns over

From ABC News:
Prankster Arrested for Fake Bomb Threat
Spent three nights in fake jail

From ABC News:
Dog Relieves Himself, Delays Magic Game
We share his opinion of today's NBA

From ABC News:
Store Orders 30 Tons of Jumbo Jelly Beans
Automatic reorder service needs tweaking

From ABC News:
California Executes Convicted Killer
Barbara Boxer still walking around free, however

From ABC News:
Suspected Nazi Strikes Deal to Remain
Prince Harry's vacation extended

From ABC News:
Windows on the World Workers Start Anew
Installs Linux

From ABC News:
Scientists Find Sex Differences in Brain
New Harvard Study Released

From ABC News:
Medical Staff Often Perform CPR Wrong
But so far, no dead patients have complained

From ABC News:
Obese Dancers Break Stereotypes in Cuba
Now they have to get new stereotypes

From ABC News:
Texas Lawmaker Unveils Child Obesity Bill
Fat kids being sent to Cuba to dance

From ABC News:
Drinking Water Smarts
... if you don't let it cool first

From ABC News:
Bullock, Reeves Reunite for Romance
Weekend At Bernie's III

From CNN:
Lose yourself at Trinidad's Carnival
What happens there, stays there ... if you get your penicillin shots in time

From CNN:
Study: Virus may cause childhood ailments
Also: fire may cause burns, water may cause wetness

From CNN money:
Fed sees labor pickup
It was parked out by the street

From CNN money:
The hottest zip codes
89044, 92328

From CNN money:
Wal-Mart venture to expand in China
Cheap Chinese Crap To Be Sold In China

From Click On Detroit:
Deceased Councilwoman's Staff Still Employed
Job is easier than ever, why look elsewhere?

From ABC News Online:
Global majority think Bush dangerous
Especially North Korea, Iran, Syria, Cuba, ...

From Click 2 Houston:
2 Students Admit To Torturing Pet Hamster
Threatened to sell it to Richard Gere

From Houston Chronicle:
Bush visits National Archives
Wanted to see map on back of Declaration of Independence

Get better Frank J.!


  1. The Mean Sister (who is 5'6")January 20, 2005 at 2:10 AM

    Next time I send you headlines, PLEASE don't put mine right after yours! Today's were great.

  2. But I didn't put yours after mine. Check the timestamps. You were just late reading yours. It's all your fault. I'm telling.

  3. The Mean Sister (who is 5'6January 20, 2005 at 11:04 AM

    And in what point of your life did you think that would matter to me??? You know I am not wrong...well not really. I have this obsessive compulsive thing about starting at the beginning--the end--the top--whatever and reading straight through. Like this is a surprise! HELLO!!!


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