Saturday, January 15, 2005

One Of Us… One Of Us…

I just looked at the blog and scrolled down and realized that, other than the Headline News, the top several posts are basically just linking to other blogs and their posts! Just look at Chain Blogging, Friday's Lunch Special: Surf and Turf, and Housekeeping.

WAIT! I'm doing it again!

Let me gather my thoughts. Oh, got it. My point is that I'm turning into every other blog on the Internet! Well, to be truthful, not every blog is simply a listing of other blogs. For instance, if you head over to IMAO, RightWingDuck, or protein wisdom ...

WAIT! I'm doing it again!

Okay. Calm down. Take a deep breath. Is posting links to other blogs and postings really a bad thing? Actually, no. Some of the sites I go to every day (see Required Reading in the right-hand column) actually do a lot of that. Some do nothing but that. Indeed. But I go there anyway. So, would it be a bad thing if I did that? I don't know. Maybe I'll try to focus more on writing about interesting (or dull, if that's all that's available) things that happen and cause a sudden burst of typing.

Okay. I can do that. What's happened lately? Ah. Got it.

I just looked at the blog and scrolled down and realized that...

Bad posts from other blogs can be found at: Bonfire of the Vanities - Insult to Injury Edition

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