Saturday, January 8, 2005


It's a little odd when people start noticing you. I'm not sure how to handle it. Here's what I'm talking about.

Early on, when I started this blog, I became aware of two or three folks who seemed to enjoy at least some of what they read. A couple of them ran blogs: Confederate Yankee and The Flying Space Monkey Chronicles. Others didn't have blogs, but did stop by and leave comments.

I've appreciated the comments, especially the positive ones. And I've appreciated the links that those two, plus MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, have given. It does make me feel good when people who I read regularly decide to link to me. Perhaps it's simply returning the favor of a link. If so, I'm coming out ahead on that deal. If they dropped me, I'd feel a little pang of hurt, but I'd get over it as soon as I saw a shiny object or heard a dog bark or something.

In the last few days, however, there has been a marked increase in hits on the site. Turns out that a couple of sites, while not adding me to their Blogrolls (and, no this is NOT an attempt to get them to do that), have included positive comments in their posts.

Doxos commented that this site was one of his "secret pleasures." Judging by the number of hits received from that comment, his regulars are either gaining an appreciation of me or a sense of wariness about him. I went to thank him, but you must be registered to comment on his site. So, Thanks Huw!

Likewise, Chris at FlashBang had something nice to say. I appreciate it.

All of these sites are generating hits for this little blog. So, right now, I seem to be getting some attention. I'm not sure what to do with it.

I could ignore it and wait for it to go away. That won't take long.

I could acknowledge it and make a total ass out of myself. That would be easy.

Or I could use it as a topic when I don't have anything else to say. Now there's an idea.


  1. You do the funny really well. Keep up the funny, and you'll get more hits as more and more people find you.

  2. i come to your site for the headlines! some of the others that submit them on IMAO are funny, but not nearly as good or prolific as you. even on the drugs. keep it going, man!

  3. As someone who just picked up a valium perspription, (can you tell by my spelling?), I'll test that headline theroy right after my nap.

    Now about that referral kickback scheme... ;)

  4. Hey Basil -

    I've turned off "registration required" (finally!) but I'm glad to send some hits your way! You keep me smilin'

  5. You have quite a following, based upon my hit logs. And thanks again for the kind words.


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