Friday, January 14, 2005

Chain Blogging

You know those chain letters you get where someone includes a list of 15-25 questions like "What's your favorite movie?" or "What did you eat for breakfast yesterday?" or some other silly-ass thing? And then you're supposed to answer them and forward the thing to 5 people plus back to the person who sent it to you. Well, I get those on occasion. There used to be someone at work who sent them around. Actually, several at the Evil Corporation sent them around. But I got them at home, too.

Sometimes, I'll actually fill one out and send it. But not often. Sometimes, I'll look at the questions and think what I'd answer. Most of the time, I hit delete. I guess I've already filled them all out at one time or another.

Well, Friday I saw several sites (IMAO and WuzzaDem to name two) with something similar. Seems that La Shawn Barber is taking the weekend off and posted one of those forms. But, it's related to blogging and only had four questions. She gave some lame-ass excuse about it being "research" for some project. I think that translates into "I'm outta here; y'all write for a while." Hey, whatever works.

But, I did enjoy reading the questions and everybody's answers. I'm going to answer mine here.
  1. How long have you been blogging?
    Since 7:30 PM on December 8, 2004.
  2. Do you believe you?re addicted to blogging? Please explain, and be honest. It is habit-forming, I must confess. (If I decide to use your response, I may have follow-up questions.)
    Yes. I say that because I caught myself actually typing during Star Trek -- and not during the commercials! It's fun. Most of the time. I really like doing the Headline News. And I'm posting other stuff every day. Hey, I'm not that interesting and don't have that much to say. If I don't stop, I'll soon have to start making stuff up. But, I do enjoy starting to talk about one thing and end up talking about something else. Uh, what was the question?
  3. Have you ever taken a hiatus? If so, for what reason and how long?
    Yes, usually overnight or while at work. Oh, I did take off Christmas Day and had a post that someone else wrote.
  4. Have you ever thought of giving up your blog? Why or why not?
    Yes. After the first few days, I had run out of things to say. Then I thought of something, so I decided to keep posting.

That's it. That's all she asked. Go to her site and read what others wrote. Some are really interesting.


  1. whaddya mean by "I'm not that interesting and don't have that much to say"?
    you're a fuuny guy, your recent posts about working with convicts are interesting, and Pizza Hut at the Sphinx is priceless. hope you left a crust as an offering.
    Woo-Hoo! a Large Mammal now! you have beewn link-whoring!:)

  2. Thanks for the link! Very cool site, you do an amazing job of rounding up headlines - you're like the Matt Drudge of the blogosphere!

    Keep up the good work.


    John from WuzzaDem

  3. It's not quite lame-a**. I've already turned on these surveys into a feature article that was published on National Review Online, and the bloggers I linked to in the story were quite happy with the high-traffic rewards. :)

  4. Actually, the sentence should read "turned one of these surveys..."

    Wait a minute...I'm supposed to be resting and relaxing. Bye!

  5. Oh, heck! I've done gone and pi**ed off the Queen!

    I thought I was too small for her to read. I think I'm going to go hide now.


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