Friday, January 14, 2005

More Return of Headline News Rides Again

From WFTV:
Naked Jogger Tasered, Arrested By Arkansas Police
Cop: "I warned him to put his hands where I could see them, but he left me no choice"

'God signed the tsunami'
God sued for damages; George Bush, Pope John Paul II named as co-defendents

From ABC News:
Man Has 1,497 Credit Cards
What's in your wallet?

From ABC News:
Accuser Thought Jackson was 'The Coolest'
Boy: "I had never seen one that looked like that!"

From ABC News:
Macy's Agrees to Avoid Racial Profiling
UBL Balloon To Debut This Thanksgiving

From ABC News:
Ohio Counties Looking to Paper Ballots
Will make vote fraud easier

From CNN:
Spanish 'Simpsons' in labor dispute
Dispute over what language "Bumblebee Guy" to speak

From CNN:
Texas sues major spam operation to appear before grand jury as soon as they figure out who he is

From CNN:
Judge denies atheist's lawsuit to prevent prayer at Bush inauguration
Plaintiff: "I'll appeal, so help me God"

From CNN money:
Myths, half-truths and exaggerations
Michael Moore planning new movie

From Free Internet Press:
Prince Harry faces outcry at Nazi outfit
Trey Parker, Matt Stone threaten suit of Prince showing up dressed as Eric Cartman

From Arizona Republic:
Bush's Social Security reform is 50 years too late
But fault lies only with Bush, not with Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, or Clinton

Dems Tell Bush To Lay Off Gays
President agrees, fires them all

From Turkish Press:
North Korea ready to resume talks if Bush offers olive branch
President offers big stick instead

From Guardian Unlimited:
Prince Harry May Visit Auschwitz
Harry: "Sounds like a great place to party! Woo-Hoo!"

From Lancaster New Era:
Lutherans take middle ground
Baptists withdraw, await resupply troops

From AdWeek:
Texas AG Takes On Spam Factory
Hormel vows to fight

From Dissident Voice:
Pink Slips at CBS
Matches Rather's Bra And Panties

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  1. great as always! just think...when you hit the 1 year mark, like sarahk is about to, you can call your blog "the blog that Headlines built"! :)
    not saying that the rest of your writing is less than entertaining (mostly because it IS entertaining) but your uncanny ability to come up with a funny for a headline is nothing short of amazing. hard to believe that you've been blogging for less than two months.
    your loyal reader,


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