Thursday, January 20, 2005

Headline News 2005-01-20

From ABC News:
AOL Enhances Search Function on Free Site
Said to be worth every penny

From ABC News:
Harvard Chief Sorry for Remark on Women
Should have known that women take offense so easily

From ABC News:
Bob Jones U. President to Retire
Harvard president can have job if he wants it

From ABC News:
Ship Captain Convicted of Working Drunk
Says next time he'll let the drunk sleep

From ABC News:
Rats 'Born to Run' Show How Fitness Extends Life
Bruce Springsteen Exercise Program Has Unexpected Audience

From ABC News:
Cheney Says Iran Tops List of Trouble Spots
Syria's ass-kicking put off until Fall 2006

From ABC News:
Hajj Pilgrims Begin Stoning of Devil
Satan not amused

From ABC News:
Golden Globes Leave Oscar Race Fuzzy
To switch over to Gillette M3Power

From ABC News:
The Hot Spots to Hit When in the Nation's Capital
The Fox News Girl Anchors

From ABC News:
Senate Democrats Extract Promise From Rice
Rice had fingers crossed

From ABC News:
Nev. Man Castrates Himself to Lower Libido
Libido now matches his I.Q.

From CNN:
Ben Kingsley and wife have split
Mitosis at work

From CNN:
WHO warns of tsunami trauma
Pete Townshend takes up a cause

From Local 6 News:
Fish Discovered With Human Face Pattern
Henry Limpet found!

From The Washington Post:
Report Acknowledges Inaccuracies in 2004 Exit Polls
Perhaps Bush Won The Election

From Savannah Morning News:
Dog attack sparks call for change
Canines Collect State Quarters

From The New York Times:
Ancient Hominid Found in Ethiopia Is Yielding Teeth Like the Apes'
Prehistoric Ape Has Ape Bones

From The New York Times:
Torture From Above
Lynndie England Joins The Air Force

From Reuters:
Police Use Tear Gas at Bush Inauguration
President Sworn In Anyway

Bush's challenge: End tyranny
Cheney Fears For His Job

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  1. The Mean Sister (who is 5'6")January 21, 2005 at 2:26 AM

    Hey basil, how about this headline:
    Police Use Tear Gas at Bush Inauguration
    Wanted to look like whiny, whipped Democrats


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