Saturday, January 8, 2005

More Son of Return of Headline News

From ABC News:
Time May Be on Justice's Side in 1964 Case
Justice cites Rolling Stones lyrics

From ABC News:
Controversial Psychiatrist in Yates Case Speaks Out
Doesn't feel his mouth has caused enough trouble yet

From ABC News:
Wal-Mart Sees Jan. Same-Store Sales Up
Indicates people shop at same Wal-Mart more than once

From ABC News:
Russian Plane Diverted After Drunken Rampage
Putin, Yeltsin still unable to see eye-to-eye

From ABC News:
Massive Tsunami Feeding Program Announced
Hungry tsunami blamed for devestation

From ABC News:
Firm Says It Collected Brains Ethically
Spokesman: "I mean, the guy at the laboratory with the hunchback said he wasn't using them."

From ABC News:
Tsunami Medical Care Resembles U.S. Civil War Era
Whites, Coloreds received separate care

From ABC News:
Powell Discusses AIDS, Sex in Africa
Likes to talk dirty

From ABC News:
Government-Funded Sex Ed Spreads False Info, Critics Say
Example of "Those that can, do; those that can't, teach"

From ABC News:
Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Separate
After getting on our nerves for all these years, they finally got on each others

From ABC News:
Bush's Approval Rating Falls in AP Poll
But still up in Coaches Poll

From Fox News:
Rosemary Kennedy Dies at 86
The wrong Kennedys keep dying

From CNN:
Former Hillary Clinton campaign official indicted
Indictment thought better than turning up dead in D.C. park

From BBC:
Bush's top lawyer defends record
Has a good beat, easy to dance to

From BBC:
UN upbeat on tsunami hunger aid
Chance to skim more money than Oil For Food program

From BBC:
Hospitals' plea over vomiting bug
Bug rejects offer of medicine, continues vomiting

From BBC:
Brown and I united, insists Blair
Admits affair

From The Washington Post:
Scowcroft Skeptical Vote Will Stabilize Iraq
Scowcroft: "After all, look at what the Democrats are doing following the U.S. election, and they aren't even armed"

From The Washington Post:
Major Arguments at Supreme Court in 2005
Souter, Ginsberg at odds over parking spaces

From The Kansas City Star:
Billionaire urges Bush to give inaugural funds to tsunami survivors
Mark Cuban makes suggestion from his multi-million dollar estate

From The Miami Herald:
Jeb Bush briefs brother
George retaliates, pants Jeb

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