Tuesday, January 11, 2005

More Headline News Rides Again

From New York Post (via: Confederate Yankee):
Berger's "Illegal, But Honest Mistake" Scandal, Rather's "Fake, But Accurate" Memo Scandal Unrelated; Also Brooklyn Bridge Being Sold At Bargain Price

From ABC News:
CBS Fires 4 After Bush Guard Story Review
Janitor, Doorman, Secretary, Mail Clerk Fired; Rather Takes Vacation Day

From ABC News:
Court Won't Block KKK From Highway Cleanup
White Trash To Pick Up Trash

From ABC News:
Big Spenders Seek Divine Help With Debt
Bette Midler Offers Financial Advice

From ABC News:
Hollywood Entertainment Agrees to Buyout
Industry Officially Sells Soul To Satan

From ABC News:
Tsunami Charity Scam Warnings Issued
Kofi Annan sighted in disaster area

From ABC News:
Gadget Show Abuzz With Mobile Devices
Birmingham, Huntsville Devices Completely Ignored

From ABC News:
Stay Thin by Sleeping More?
Sleep through mealtime

From ABC News:
Deep Breathing Beats Stress
Stress Gets Restraining Order

From ABC News:
Jackson Prosecutors Want Jurors to Hear About Seven Other Boys
Prosecutor is such a gossip

From ABC News:
Bush Social Security Effort Stirs Republican Qualms
GOP Prefers Qualms Shaken, Not Stirred

From ABC News:
Moss catches 'moon' dance flak
Van Morrison Grateful For Mention

From The Washington Post:
Interpreter Pleads Guilty to Taking Data
Denies Taking Picard, Riker

From The Washington Post:
Gingrich Finds God in Washington
Almighty Just Visting, Will Turn City Back Over To Satan By Friday

From The Washington Post:
Abbas Is Declared President-Elect
Even Crazy Terrorists Don't Throw Hissy-Fit Like U.S. Democrats

From The New York Times:
U.S. Is Haunted by Initial Plan for Iraq Voting
Initial Plan Would Have Gotten Away With It If It Weren't For Those Meddling Kids

From BBC:
Kiss singer sued by ex-girlfriend
Lois Griffin Pissed At Gene Simmons

From AJC:
De la Renta unveils Bush inaugural gown
President Looks Fetching In Strapless Gown

From Undercover Media:
MC Hammer Marries Vince Neil
The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name Finally Fulfilled


  1. I realized after my whiny "give me attention" post that I'm guiltier than anyone of reading and saying little-to-nothing, while you are not. Shame on me! So, this is my little tribute to you and your blog:
    I LOVE the headlines you write! Not only that, but the rest of your writing is (unfairly) the best-kept secret in the 'sphere. I owe you some linkage, because people need to read your blog!

    I'm Beth, and I endorse this blog. ;-)

  2. You like me! You really like me!

    Seriously, I always appreciate the kind words. And it's extra special when someone I read regularly makes a positive comment.

    And I thank you.


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