Monday, January 10, 2005

Headline News Rides Again

From ABC News:
'Red State, Blue State' Voted Top Phrase
'Flyover Country' Demands Recount

From ABC News:
3 Dead, 1 Missing After Pa. Tugboat Sinks
Ma. Tugboat, Baby. Tugboat Offer Assistance

From ABC News:
U.S. Congressman Meets N.Korean Foreign Minister
Rep. Tom Lantos, D-CA, wants to be the next John Kerry

From ABC News:
Americans' Role Eyed in U.N. Oil Scandal
Finally, a reason for the Mainstream Media to report U.N. scandal

From ABC News:
Youngest Tsunami Victims Face New Risks
Exploitation by media

From ABC News:
Sudanese Celebrate Peace Treaty Signing
With Gunfire

From ABC News:
Guantanamo Takes on Look of Permanence
U.S. has run base since 1898, may decide to stay a while

From ABC News:
Comcast to Offer Web-Based Phone Service
Company hopes to reduce phone complaints about cable being out

From ABC News:
Asian Lady Bugs Becoming Nuisance in Texas
You spray your plants, and an hour later, you want to spray them again

From ABC News:
Tsunami Rebuilding Should Not Overlook Nature -WWF
Ric Flair speaks out on disaster

From ABC News:
TV May Soon Beam From Cell Phone Screens
At last, a new reason for car wrecks

From ABC News:
News Corp. to Buy Rest of Fox in $6 Bln Deal
GOP agrees to sell

From ABC News:
Abortion Foe Roemer Running for DNC Chief
Snowball Weighs Chances In Hell

From CNN:
Study: Rats have head for language
"Willard," "Dr. Dolittle," "Charlotte's Web" cited as proof

From CNN:
Columnist axed after taking cash to promote Bush plan
Will join CBS, take money to oppose Bush plan

From CNN International:
Video a vivid reminder of tsunami
Corpses stacked on beach not good enough reminder

From CNN International:
U.S.-led forces mistakenly bomb house near Mosul
Wrong Terrorist Killed

From CNN International:
U.S. to press China over piracy
Wants them to quit calling flag "Jorry Roger"

From Fox News:
Supreme Court Could Face Turnovers in '05
Desserts added to menu

Will Ron Howard change the color of evil?
Anthony Anderson cast as lead in "The Michael Moore Story"

From The New York Times:
Hot Topic: How U.S. Might Disengage in Iraq
Kill All The Terrorists Cited As An Option

From The New York Times:
Malawi Leader Accuses Predecessor in Death Plot
Blaming "guy who used to work here" not just an American phenomenon

From The New York Times:
U.N. Moves to Devise System for Tracking Relief Money
Kofi's son opens new bank account

From The New York Times:
Panel Reports Lapses in Oil-for-Food Program
Some money may have gotten through to actually help needy

From The New York Times:
Momentum Is Gaining for Cellphones as Credit Cards
If you lose that credit card, you won't be able to call to report it

From The New York Times:
Cosmetics Break the Skin Barrier
To cause deeper infections

From The New York Times:
Polaroid Being Acquired for $426 Million
Stockholders watched takeover develop

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