Friday, January 28, 2005

Headline News 2005-01-28

From ABC News:
Owner Auctioning Drive-Thru Strip Club
Both Hands On The Wheel!

From ABC News:
Tennessee Judge Convicts Naked Jogger
Defence Attorney Criticizes Ruling: "All that fuss over such a small thing"

From ABC News:
What Color Is Diane Sawyer's Lipstick?
The same color as Sam Donaldson's pants

From ABC News:
Pitts, Ga., Reinventing Itself
Vote to change name to "Boondocks"

From ABC News:
Cialis Impotence Drug Returns to Super Bowl
We knew they wouldn't be down for long

From ABC News:
Bush's Stake Is Huge in Iraqi Elections
Could affect his re-election chances

From AJC:
Storytellers unite for tsunami relief
Once upon a time, there were three bears. They all ran to the high ground and little Goldilocks drowned. The end.

From CNN
Fraternity Group Challenges Colorado's Deferred Rush
Limbaugh Blames Democrats

From The Champlain Channel:
Bill Would Prevent Anonymous Child Abuse Reports
George wouldn't

Murder Suspect's Phone Calls Scare Prosecutors
Transcript: "Hello? Is this the District Attorney's office? Boo!"

From The New Mexico Channel:
White Supremacist Threat Keeps Police On Alert
Robert Byrd sighted in New Mexico

From CNN International:
Schroeder: Don't use force on Iran
German Chancellor: "I've never heard of a single instance where force was necessary to stop a radical militant nation"

From CNN International:
Australian Labor appoints Beazley
New White House Pup Goes To Work

From The Washington Post:
Chinese Authorities Plan Invitation-Only Service for Zhao
Former Party Chief Expected To Be Present, Despite Not Returning Invitation

From The Washington Post:
SpongeBob SquarePants Has No Gay Agenda
But he has a lot of gay friends. Plus a huge Streisand collection. And does a dead-on Liza.

From iol:
Bush blaze has tourists beating a retreat
Staff unable to determine who gave matches to President


  1. The Big Sister (who's 5'4")January 28, 2005 at 5:59 PM

    That naked jogger comment...too funny...

  2. some of your best stuff yet! "And does a dead-on Liza"...ROFL!

  3. The Mean Sister (who is 5'6")January 29, 2005 at 7:36 AM

    Love the headlines got three chuckles and a snicker (not the candy bar). Go see the play--big sister does a good job.


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