Sunday, January 16, 2005

More Son of Return of Headline News Rides Again

From ABC News:
W.Va. Gov. Gets Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do
Fed up with all the West Virginia jokes

From ABC News:
W.Va. Telescope 1st to Get Saturn Signal
That explains the ... OW! OOF! ARRGHH! Governor! Stop! Please!

From ABC News:
La. Prison Journalist Freed After 44 Years
Judge: "After Dan Rather got off without so much as a slap on the wrist, it only seemed fair"

From ABC News:
U.S. Military Releases About 80 Afghans
Expect to re-capture them fighting in Iraq within a month

From ABC News:
Report: Ex-Tyco CEO Says He's Not Greedy
Dennis Kozlowski: "While I did earn enormous sums of money, which for a poor kid from Newark was spectacular, I worked my butt off and it was all based on ... ooh, a penny!"

From ABC News:
Microsoft Co-Founder's Dreams Are Reality
If Paul Allen wakes up, we all cease to exist

From ABC News:
Hacker Breaks Into T-Mobile Network
Verizon Wireless user gets "in"

From ABC News:
TSA Reminds Travelers of Security Measures
Hopes strip-searching Granny will "send a message"

From ABC News:
Top PLO Body Calls for End to Attacks
Decided to make statement now, while they still have a body; Israel fueling up helicopters

Woman charged in motel killings
Rampage left six motels dead, nine hotels injured

Kresge offer brings $8M growth to local endowments
Breast enlargements popular in Alabama

From St. Louis Post-Dispatch (via respublica):
Collinsville, Highland set primaries
Secondaries, tertiaries still to be named

From BBC:
Iraqi anger at abuser's jail term
Iraqi: "I mean, he put panties on their head. He should suffer more. Oh, and free Saddam."

From BBC:
Virgin boss unveils space trips
Hopes being an astronaut will help him get laid

From BBC:
Man wounded in nightclub shooting
They no longer call him "Tater Salad"

From BBC:
Heritage potatoes make comeback
Force overtime

From BBC:
Teacher cleared of pupils assault
Turns out kids needed an ass-whipping

From BBC:
AM wants Nazi symbol law review
"The Producers" to close

From BBC:
The future of lying
DNC seeks to name new Chairman

From BBC:
News Corp eyes video games market
Players will get to bash Bill O'Reilly or Geraldo Rivera, strip Laurie Dhue or Lauren Green

Woman spends night lost in bush
Martha Stewart spends another day in prison

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  1. great as always! the Martha one cracked me up good! no pun intended.


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