Friday, January 14, 2005

Return of Headline News Rides Again, Part 2

Unfinished business from last night.

From The Washington Post:
Inaugural Short Circuit
Johnny Five To Swear In Bush

From The Washington Post:
Iraq New Terror Breeding Ground
U.S. May Have To Send In Troops

From The Washington Post:
Spanish Leader Rebuffs Basque
Didn't get them shiny enough the first time

From The Washington Post:
Atheist Challenges Inaugural Prayers
Vows: "I'll put a stop to it, so help me God!"

From Troy Record:
Americans ought to be paying attention
I'm sorry, what?

From Vietnam News Agency:
Tsunami damages fishing in Indian Ocean
Dead fishermen haven't caught a thing since late December

From BBC:
Christmas sales up at Body Shop
Husbands shopping at last minute credited

From TWeb:
Mobile viruses a slow-growing threat
Montogomery, Eufaula seen as healthier

From Santa Barbara News-Press:
Jackson defense to depict accuser as unruly child
Should have sit still and taken it "like a good boy"

From Toronto Star:
Study meant to be torture
U.S. To Study Terror Suspects


  1. "Mobile viruses a slow-growing threat

    Montgomery, Eufaula seen as healthier"

    HA! ;-)

  2. Did I really say 'Woot?'

    Oh, and super heh.


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