Wednesday, January 5, 2005

More Return of Headline News

From WAVE 3:
Wal-Mart Fires Five Employees In Killing Of Cat On Store Property
Fortunately for them, PETsMART is hiring

From Drudge Report:
Suprised by the tidal wave of criticism

From ABC News:
Wis. Police Search for Wandering Kangaroo
Four other kangaroos released after authorities determined they knew where they were going

From CNN International:
Scientists 'frustrated' Indian Ocean lacks early-alert system
Scientists complain: "The only warning we got was an 8.9 earthquake a half-hour before the wave hit"

From BBC:
Gun-toting Malawian leaders held
Likes to cuddle

From BBC:
Virus outbreak stops admissions
Wants to speak with lawyer

From The Christian Science Monitor:
In Florida, a bid to expand the teacher pool
Fat teachers causing crowded swim lanes

From The Christian Science Monitor:
No easy access for remote islands
Reporter finds out why the islands are called "remote"

From The Christian Science Monitor:
Europe wrestles with defining itself
Disqualified after hitting self with metal chair

From The Boston Herald:
Senator John Kerry visits Jordan, discuss Mideast peace
Has a plan

From The Columbia Daily Tribune:
Bush crusades for tort reform in Illinois visit
Likes saying "tort"

From WPVI:
O.J. in Orange Bowl Stands
Had tip real killer was at game

From The Washington Post:
Mixed Reaction on Canadian Beef
Biggest complaint: "Tastes like chicken"

From Savannah Morning News:
It could happen here, but it probably won't
Our exclusive report of the lurking terror ... oh, nevermind.

From ABC News:
Smart Family Seeks Quick Resolution
Stupid family willing to let it drag out

From ABC News:
Potbellied Pig Goes for Stroll in the Rain
Stupid pig

From ABC News:
Another Term for McAuliffe as DNC Chair?
May get chance to fulfull life-long dream of making Democratic Party as popular as the Nazi Party

From ABC News:
Israeli Shells Kill Seven Palestinians
Texacos much safer for Palestinians

From ABC News:
Ukraine's Kuchma Accepts Yanukovich's Resignation
Acceptance is the first step to recovery

From ABC News:
Blake's Behavior Unnatural After Murder - Witness
Testimony: "It's was like he didn't know it was him that killed her"

From AJC:
Clayton sheriff cleans house
Vacuums under couch, takes out trash

From BBC:
Sharks attacks terrorise Brazil
Bush threatens military action

From NBC San Diego:
Richard Gere Speaks 'For Entire World' To Palestinians
Record number of Palestinian gerbils expected to vote

From BBC:
Tribe shoots arrows at aid flight
Rescue workers suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune

Bush 'Most Powerful Man in Britain'
Plans to run for Queen in 2008

From ABC News:
Tsunami Warning System Could Be Created
Will consist of watching animals suddenly heading for high ground

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