Friday, January 14, 2005

Friday's Lunch Special: Surf and Turf

Sometimes, I bring my laptop to work. I'm able to surf the Web at lunch. Of course, I would never, ever use the PCs that belong to the Evil Corporation to surf the Web. Why, that would be wrong. Anyway, I brought my laptop with me to work. And, if you're looking for a new laptop, check out what's available from Dell[link].

My post this morning was more of a thank you to people who had encouraged me during the first few days this blog has been up. I'm an old-timer now: 37 days. Got to start thinking about retirement. Maybe later.

Anyway, I spent this morning thanking some folks for encouraging me. And I want to thank others who haven't written, but still read. By the way, who is that at the Department of Justice that's checked the site out? Do I need to be watching the driveway? Anyhow, as a way of thanks, I want to give you a little chuckle, or encourage your brain cells to stimulate a little. It's the end of what's been a long week. We could use some stimulation and a good belly laugh.

So, surfing around, I found some posts you have GOT to check out.

Oh, and the funniest post of the day: Diane at Respublica is pulling for the Rams against the Falcons this weekend. All true Southerners should go to her site and educate her about the facts of life. Falcons 35, Rams 17. Go let her know.

Others I check daily haven't posted new stuff for today (or I missed it for some reason). They are, of course, still worth a read if you haven't seen their latest. Check out the "Required Reading" list on the right. And there is some really good stuff listed under "The Alliance of Free Blogs" a little further down on the right.


updated with clarification @ 2:55 PM


  1. First! hahaha

    NEARLY as right-leaning? I beg to differ! Wait, it's that potty-mouth thing, isn't it? ;-)

  2. If I leaned any more to the right, I'd be horizontal. But you're close!

    No, you don't lose points on account of the potty-mouth. But just be thankful we're out of Lifebuoy.

  3. Funny? Rams winning over the Falcons is funny? Just watched the local news and the story we are getting is that the Falcons have not had a meaningful game in over a month and so have begun to fight with each other. Meanwhile the Rams...well you can guess how the storyline goes here in the St. Louis area.

  4. That's what I like about you. You silly.

    You wanna place a little friendly wager on the game? I thought not.


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