Monday, January 31, 2005

Headline News 2005-01-31

From ABC News:
'Dummer' Academy May Change Its Name
Would become Jim Carrey High School

From ABC News:
Pennsylvania Woman Charged With Bigamy
And stupidity

From ABC News:
First Amendment No Big Deal, Students Say
ACLU tells students to shut up about stuff they know nothing about

From ABC News:
Accused Soldier Claims Sleep Disorder
Expected to be kept awake many nights once he hits prison

From ABC News:
Iraq Election Too Dangerous for Monitors
Voters identified by blue finger, Monitors by yellow streak down back

From ABC News:
New Gaza Violence Strains De Facto Truce
Ambassador De Facto calls for more talks

From ABC News:
Mad Cow Costs Hurt Tyson Earnings
Former boxing champ unable to cover Oprah's expensed

From ABC News:
WWF: Global Warming May Kill Polar Bears
Also on program, JBL expects to defeat Big Show

From ABC News:
Fish Returns to Aceh, But Disease Risk Still High
Abe Vigoda, personal nurse take vacation

From ABC News:
Hewitt to Marry Soap Opera Actress
Former '60 Minutes' producer, Susan Lucci make surprise announcement

From ABC News:
Democrats Make Pre-Emptive on Bush Address
Prank has all mail to '1600 Pennsylvania Ave.' redirected to a Post Office Box in Secaucus, NJ

From ABC News:
Rembrandt religious works showcased
Liberals torn between supporting art and condemning religion

From ABC News:
David Schwimmer's new direction
Career's downward spiral now moving in counter-clockwise direction

From BBC:
BBC apologises over Iraqi figures
Reporter explains: Was auditioning for CBS job

From CNN:
Former Nirvana bassist calls for election reform
Krist Novoselic: "If being an unknown supporting character for a suicidal pseudo-genius has taught me anything, it's that this nation needs election reform"

From CNN:
Study bolsters cancer-red meat link
The 85% of all cancer patients come from the 85% of the population that eats red meat

From CNN:
Hillary Clinton faints during speech
Actually listened to what she was saying, couldn't believe it

From CNN:
Top Democrats speak ahead of State of Union
Oppose everything Bush says, despite fact address not yet delivered

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