Saturday, January 15, 2005

I Challenge You!!

Diane over at respublica has posted a couple of items (including one today) supporting her team, the Cleveland Los Angeles St. Louis Rams. And, of course, I'm pulling for the Atlanta Falcons. And I've challenged her to a little wager. No money. I'm broke. But, I'm willing to wager something more.

If the Falcons win, I challenge her to post a picture of her with a bird. Any bird. Or even dressed up like a bird. Doesn't matter. Oh, and a sign that says "Go Falcons."

If the Rams win, I'm willing to post a picture of me and a goat. And a sign saying "Go Rams."

She's taking the high road and ignoring my challenge. So far. But, the challenge still stands.

Diane has accepted the wager. I hope she has access to a bird. She'll need it.

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  1. I don't care about either team, but I'll root for you and the Falcons, if only because I am AFRAID for you with the goat thing...going back to the old frat house for that one? ;-)

    (JUST KIDDING, people!)

  2. and a goat...I'm telling Mama. By the way, GO FALCONS!!

  3. Holding a sign that says "go Falcons"? Was that part of the deal? Now the boys better win that's all I can say. Get your goat costume out Basil I don't want to eat crow...this site has the game figured this way: I have no idea what it means.

  4. Hmmm. Falcons favored by 7. That's a good sign.

    Oh, I don't have a goat costume. I have acquired the services of a real live goat (2 actually), plus the wife has cleared off the card in the digital camera, just in case the Dirty Birds let me down. But, not to fear.

    And I hope you and Tweety are on good terms!

  5. Looks like a bird picture should be coming pretty soon...Go Falcons!!


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