Monday, January 17, 2005

Son of More Headline News Rides Again

From ABC News:
Alleged Truck Thief Swallows Tobacco Spit
Stupid Alleged Truck Thief

From ABC News:
Americans Mark Martin Luther King Day
Americans celebrate King's dream by sleeping late

From ABC News:
Graner Parents' Harsh Words for Military
Say Army never should have taken a recruit raised by idiots

From ABC News:
VD or Not VD?
If given the choice, take B

From ABC News:
U.N. Chief Annan Plans to Remake Top Team
Part of new "Share The Wealth" plan

From ABC News:
Hewlett-Packard to Launch New Servers
First waiters in space

From ABC News:
Team Searching for Columbus' Remains
Hopes Ship Carrying Them Didn't Sail Off Edge Of The Earth

From ABC News:
Fox Blurs Cartoon Rear End on FCC Worries
What An Ass

From ABC News:
Kerry Criticizes Election Outcome
Claims exit polls showed country voted for him before it voted against him

From BBC:
US rebuts 'Iran covert op' claim
Pentagon: "Well, actually, it WAS a covert operation till somebody spilled the beans"

From BBC:
McDonald's boss Bell dies aged 44
First Dave Thomas, Now This Guy; No Pattern Seen

From BBC:
Beijingers fume over parking fees
And they are really upset about being called "Beijingers"

From BBC:
Call for Europe-wide swastika ban
Harboring terrorists still OK

From BBC:
Kilroy hint on starting new party
Party leaders: "Well, he was here"

From CNN:
Evolution ruling gets cheers from scientists
Stickers to come off immediately; Scientists believe in gradual change, except in court rulings

From Zaman Online:
Senator Kennedy: Iraq War is Bush's Vietnam
"And I'd know, since my brother sent troops there"

From The Washington Post:
Bush Is Told of Carrier's Value
Verizon's plan better than Cingular's

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