Sunday, September 4, 2005

Catfish Blogging

No, I'm not back. Okay, maybe a little. But not on regular schedule. I want to get this info out to some area bloggers. Let's see how well this goes.

After giving out tickets to family members, I still have 20 tickets to the Monday. And I'd like to throw out the idea to bloggers in -- or who will be in -- the Columbus, GA area to meet at the Catfish final game of the season. Gates open at 1:00 PM. First pitch is at 2:00 PM.

If you are an area blogger, and want to have a near-as-can-be impromptu get-together at the game, I'll furnish tickets to the first bloggers whose ticket needs (including spouse, date, family, boss, knife-wielding stranger, etc) fall in the 20 total I have. Just drop me an e-mail. I'll e-mail back the details.

If I run out of tickets (not likely) keep this in mind: Monday's tickets are only $1.00. And, yes, I paid $5.00 each for mine. Oh, well. The offer stands for the first 20 ticket needs, and in the unlikely event I run out, they're only a buck each at the gate.

So, if you're a blogger in the area, and you let me know by noon Monday, you can get part of the pool of 20. If you're not a blogger, and just want to crash the party, I'll make them available if area bloggers (who get first shot at them) don't take all 20 by noon. And remember, they're still only a buck if I run out.

Fair enough?

Come out to the Catfish game. Have fun. Cheer them to a victory. And meet your favorite blogger! Or meet me, if your favorite doesn't show up.

UPDATE 8:07 AM: Odds are looking good that bloggers won't take all the tickets. Anyone in the area e-mail me by noon gets the tix, while they last.


  1. Attention C-Town Bloggers!

    Our baseball-loving blog-buddy, "Basil," is trying to put together a spur of the moment blogger get-together on Monday (Labor Day) at the Catfish game. He has about 20 tickets to give away.

  2. You can count us in, basil...same bat time, same bat channel.

  3. That's great! A wonderful time will be had by all.


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