Monday, September 5, 2005

Catfish Final Game of 2005

Go Catfish!
Live-blogging the final Catfish game of 2005. Other bloggers all begged off. Except a couple who are working the game.

Pregame ceremonies included presentation of awards.
  • MVP was 3B Blake DeWitt, who was promoted recently to Vero Beach. A reasonable choice, though my pick would have been 2B Travis Denker, also promoted to Vero Beach. I thought Travis' stats were better (they were) and I thought he contributed more to the team.
  • Unsung Hero was 1B Dan Batz, who has played consistently good-to-excellent first base the entire year, and played hurt much of the recent season. Of the players not promoted, his stats are among the best, if not the best, on the team.
  • Pitcher of the Year was Blake Johnson, a starter until recently. He's been one of the brightest spots on the Catfish roster, pitching effectively. Chris Malone and Scott Elbert could have easily taken the award just as well, but Blake is certainly deserving.
  • Citizen of the Year was 2B Brandon Carter, recognized for his work with charities and hospitals during the season. I've seen him with kids, and he's just wonderful with them.

Dan Batz accepts the "Unsung Hero" award.

First inning:
  • Charleston RiverDogs (Yankees), facing Catfish pitcher Nathan Hochgesang, scored two on two hits and two walks.
    • Mario Holmann struck out. 
    • Evan Tierce singles on a grounder to center. 
    • Tierce stole 2nd. 
    • Cody Ehlers walked. 
    • Tierce stole 3rd, Ehlers stole 2nd. 
    • Ben Jones walked. 
    • Marcos
      Vechionacci singled to right. Tierce scored. Ehlers to 3rd, Jones to 2nd.
    • Tim Battle sacrifice fly to left. Ehlers scored. 
    • Irwil Rojas struck out.
  • The Catfish, facing Charleston pitcher Christian Garcia, tied it up on two walks, a wild pitch and an error.
    • David Nicholson walked. 
    • Ryan Russ walked. 
    • Wild pitch: David Nicholson to 3rd, Ryan to 2nd. 
    • Sergio Pedroza struck out. 
    • Brandon Carter struck out. 
    • Dan Batz reaches on an error. Nicholson scores. Russ scores. Batz to 2nd.
    • Passed ball: Batz to 3rd. 
    • Carlos Medero walked. 
    • Steven Sapp struck out.

Catfish 2, Charleston 2

Second inning:
  • One Charleston hit caused no damage.
    • Edwar Gonzalez walked. 
    • Nick Walsh grounds into a 6-3 double play. 
    • Mario Holmann singles on a grounder to the pitcher. 
    • Evan Tierce flies out to center.
  • Catfish got their first hit, but stranded the runner at first.
    • Justin Crist struck out. 
    • Dominique Laurin singled to left. 
    • David Nicholson flew out to right. 
    • Ryan Russ strikes out.

Catfish 2, Charleston 2

Now that I'm caught up on getting drinks for the grandchildren, relocating to my seats (which are now in the shade) and uploading pictures, here's a better description of the play. And I'll update the other innings with more complete info as I'm able.

Third inning:
  • Charleston
    • Cody Ehlers singles to left.
    • Ben Jones reached on a single to center.
    • Marcos Vechionacci reached on an infield single to load the bases.
    • Tim Battle struck out.
    • Irwil Rojas lined out to short.
    • Edwar Gonzalez struck out.
  • Catfish score a run.
    • Sergio Pedroza struck out.
    • Ryan Carter struck out.
    • Dan Batz reached on an error.
    • Carlos Medero walks.
    • Steven Sapp singles in Dan Batz. Carlos to third. Steven to second on the throw to the infield.
    • Justin Crist flies out to center.

Catfish 3, Charleston 2

Fourth inning:
  • Charleston threatens, but doesn't score:
    • Nick Walsh grounds out to first.
    • Mario Holmann grounds out to first.
    • Evan Tierce doubles to left.
    • Cody Ehlers flies out to center.
  • Catfish faces a new pitcher, Brett Smith. They strand one:
    • Dominique Laurin grounds out, 5-3.
    • David Nicholson out 6-3.
    • Ryan Russ singles to right.
    • Serio Pedrosa struck out.

Catfish 3, Charleston 2

Fifth inning:
  • Charleston threatens again, but strands a runner on third.
    • Ben Jones out 4-3.
    • Marcos Vechionacci doubles to left on a ball lost in the sun.
    • Vechionacci steals 3rd.
    • Tim Battle struck out.
    • Irwil Rojas flies out to center.
  • Catfish face a new pitcher: Phil Coke.
    • Brandon Carter struck out. 
    • Daniel Batz struck out. 
    • Carlos Medero struck out.

Sixth inning:
  • Charleston faces new Catfish pitcher: Blake Johnson
    • Edwar Gonzalez flew out to right.
    • Nick Walks out 1-3.
    • Mario Holmann flies out to center.

  • Catfish down in order:
    • Steven Sapp struck out.
    • Justin Crist flew out to center.
    • Dominique Laurin struck out.

Catfish 3, Charleston 2

Seventh inning:

The trivia question had something to do with a double-header in the 1930s (1937) between Brooklyn and Cincinnati. Missed the full question, but consensus (okay, Cory and me) is that it's the first night game. We'll find out in a few minutes.
  • Charleston strands another base runner.
    • Evan Tierce struck out.
    • Cody Ehlers struck out.
    • Ben Jones singled to left.
    • Marcos Vechionacci lines out to first.
  • Catfish batting.
    • David Nicholson hit by a pitch.
    • Ryan Russ struck out
    • Sergio Pedroza walked.
    • Ryan Carter flew out to left.

Catfish 3, Charleston 2

Eighth inning:

I missed the trivia question. Turns out it was in 1939 (like that
makes a difference) and the answer was the first TV broadcast of a
baseball game. Oh, well.
  • Charleston batting, facing Dimas Reina, who blows the save, allowing Charleston to tie the game.
    • Tim Battle singles to second.
    • Battle out attempting to steal.
    • Irwil Rojas walked.
    • Estee Harris pinch running for Rojas.
    • Harris to second on a wild pitch.
    • Edwar Gonzalez reaches on an error (E6).
    • Nick Walsh struck out.
    • Mario Holmann walked. Bases loaded.
    • Evan Tierce singled. Harris scores. Gonzalez out at home attempting to score. Game tied at 3.
  • Catfish batting, facing pitcher T.J. Beam.
    • Dan Batz flies out to right in foul territory.
    • Carlos Medero struck out.
    • Steven Sapp singles to right-center.
    • Justin Crist lines out to short.

Catfish 3, Charleston 3

Ninth inning:

With the score tied in the ninth, naturally the conversation turns to "Family Guy." Cory and I know when to say along with Stewie "Victory is mine!" Meanwhile the wife and The Sportslady look at each other, feeling each other's pain.
  • Charleston goes down in order.
    • Cody Ehlers flies out to center.
    • Ben Jones flies out to center.
    • Marcos Vechionacci flies out to left.
  • Catfish unable to score.
    • Dominique Laurin flies out to second.
    • David Nicholson struck out.
    • Ryan Russ singles to left.
    • Sergio Pedroza struck out.

Catfish 3, Charleston 3. On to extra innings.

Tenth inning:

Cory and The Sportslady are both on a schedule and had to leave.
  • Charleston faces Catfish pitcher Brian Akin. RiverDogs take the lead.
    • Tim Battle struck out.
    • William Plaza out 1-3.
    • Edwar Gonzalez triples off the wall in right-center.
    • Ryan Haag singles on a bouncer over first. Gonzalez scores.
    • Mario Holmann out 6-3.
  • Catfish batting, facing Mike Martinez, fails to score.
    • Ryan Carter flies out to center.
    • Dan Batz flies out to right.
    • Carlos Medero singles to right. Brandon Carter pinch-running for Medero.
    • Steven Sapp strikes out.

Final: Charleston 4, Catfish 3.

The Catfish, in the playoff hunt until the last week of the season, ended 2005 on a disappointing note, losing their last 9 games, including the last 8 at home.

I'll have more on my thoughts on the 2005 season later. For now, I need to leave the ballpark before I get locked in until April.


  1. Nice. Be glad you weren't watching my minor league team this last weekend. I went to all 3 games of the final homestand, Sat, Sun, and Mon:

    Sat: L 15-4
    Sun: L 14-1
    Mon: L 10-2


  2. That's baseball.

    Wait 'til next year!


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