Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Eatin' In New Orleans

White Trash WednesdaysThere's been something about all this arguing between the left and the right about the situation in New Orleans that's been rubbing a raw nerve with me. Those early reports about cannibalism.

I seen that on the Drudge Report early on. Now, I'm not gonna rant on the accuracy of Drudge Report, 'cause he's got himself an out. He's reporting what others are reporting. That is, he's got links to others that make the claims that are made. So, in that respect, he ain't no different than Peter Jennings. Except for being alive.

No, it's those that made those cannibalism claims to start with, and the follow-up reports about that. What I want to know is how come so many folks bought into the stories about cannibalism.

Some said that it just plays on the stereotype about cannibalism in Africa, because it subconsciously links cannibalism with Blacks (or the PC, African-Americans).

Well, I'm trying to remember when I saw an actual confirmed report of Blacks practicing cannibalism. And I don't. Do you?

Remember that plane crash in the Andes? I do. Saw it on the news when they were rescued. Struck me as a bunch of White folk eatin' other White folk. Looking at pictures then and now, it didn't strike me as the African stereotype of cannibalism.

Ever read about the Donner Party? Bunch of White folk. And that's what was served at the party: White folk.

Remember Jeffery Dahmer? White boy.

Heck, even in the movies, it's White folks eating people. Hannibal Lechter comes to mind. And remember Norman Bates? No, in the movie he didn't eat folks. But Ed Gein, who inspired Robert Bloch to write the book Psycho did.

So, what I want to know is why so many people bought into the early reports of cannibalism in New Orleans? After just a couple of days?!

Those that did need to look inside themselves and try to figure out why they'd believe that.

And they call us White Trash.

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  1. Headache

    Today's dose of NIF - News, Interesting & Funny!

  2. I never heard much about cannibalism is Africa. I have mainly heard about it in Asia. i.e. in Indonesia.

    "Long Pig" is what they called it during the Great Leap Forward, when how many people starved to death? 40 or 80 million I forgot exactly.

    I also heard it happened in North Korea in the 90s but who knows.

    Eg Gein ate people? I remember he sewed their skin up into a suit I didn't know he ate any parts. He also I think got his ideas from asia (I guess he was trying to ressurect his mother or something). Those darn asians!

  3. Pluto's Dad:
    Most of the "documented" cases in the "non-civilized world" do indeed come from the Asian Pacific. But there are also old stories about cannibalism in Africa, few if any of which have any reliable support. There are the old jokes about African cannibals, but they are along the line of the fried-chicken-eating, watermelon-eating, lazy Black jokes that were told. In fact, I've heard with my own ears preachers -- from the pulpit -- telling jokes that involved African cannibals.

    Sad really. But that's the underlying prejudices that the "eating corpses" stories from New Orleans are hitting.

    Ed Gein was accused of eating people, although I don't believe he was ever charged, and he never admitted it. I never read anywhere that he denied it, though. I have no idea if the rumors were true. But I don't know if there's two cents difference between him and Jeffery Dahmer.

  4. Whenever Thanksgiving rolls by, I always ask for the white meat.

  5. Drudge is like a blogger, only mainstream.

    Many blogs do little more than repeat the news that is reported elsewhere. A few add their own analysis of the news, just like many of the talking heads on Fox, CNN and MSNBC.

    I never understood how an anchor interviewing a reporter was news.

    Then there are the blogs that aim to entertain.


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