Saturday, September 3, 2005

I Still Don't Like Spiders

I just read basil's post that invites those with keys to this place to log in and blog. I have keys, but not much to say. Most of the excellent commentary on interesting topics has already been said.. so I'll just say, "I STILL don't like spiders."


  1. Spiders, huh? Thanks for mentioning spiders. We ran into some spiders at the ballgame this weekend.

    A players hit a foul ball that landed on the net behind home plate. (The net goes up several feet, like at most ballparks, but then continues at an angle to the roof of the grandstand, meaning that we are actually sitting UNDER the net.)

    When the ball hit the net, something rained down upon us. We thought it was dirt. Then the "dirt" -- all the dozens of pieces of dirt -- ran off on it's 8 little legs.

    Yes, the ball had knocked dozens of baby spiders loose from the net and they landed on us!

    Not fun.

  2. Yeah. You should have been there the second time it happened, too. I mentioned it to The Sportlady, who was at the game today. 'Twasn't long after my little tale that she found a reason to leave.

    Next game, I'm taking a can of Raid!


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