Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Headline News: 2005-09-06

From ABC News:
Court Orders Kazaa to Stop Pirates
No word on if thongs must be confiscated *

From ABC News:
Cane toads love the nightlife
They like to boogie, on the disco round...

From ABC News:
Unique L.A. School Offers Mule Training
Necessitated by number of jackasses in school system

From ABC News:
Germans Designed Exploding Chocolate Bar
Marketed at Chocolate-flavored Ex-Lax

From ABC News:
Mosquito-Borne Disease Kills Two in Mass.
Bush blamed

From ABC News:
Deep Impact probe shows a fragile, empty comet
Been that way ever since divorce

From ABC News:
New Orleans begs residents to leave, some refuse
Claim stores in abandoned town easier to loot

From ABC News:
On Bourbon Street, the junkies are jumpy
New Orleans getting back to normal

From ABC News:
Scanners Help Determine What Pleases Women
Record number of men offer to operate scanners

From ABC News:
Matt Dillon to Be Honored at Gotham Awards
Miss Kitty, Doc Adams, Chester and Festus snubbed again

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