Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Supper: 9/6/2005

Try one of these specials with your supper:


  1. Bloggers Got Katrina Wrong

    For the past week never have more blogs, columns and editorials been written about a subject and never have more been wrong, wrong, wrong. Let me disabuse people of a few things.

  2. Spiderman

    How is it that the gecko can climb a wall and walk across the ceiling? Researchers at Berkeley, Stanford and Lewis & Clark answered that question five years ago.About 500,000 minute hairs cover the sole of each foot, and the...

  3. Just another today

    Today's dose of NIF - News, Interesting & Funny ... It's Kerry-180 Tuesday (but it feels like Monday)

  4. Why are we getting all this rain?

    My attitude to weather reporting can be summed up in a Mark Twain quote. "Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it."

  5. Inner and Outer Levees

    I came across two very thoughtful posts about Moral Levees, those bulwarks against chaos and catastrophe, and a third, which describes a levee not of moral construction, but of human will.


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