Tuesday, January 4, 2005

More Headline News Returns Again

From ABC News:
Ill. Residents Vote for Official Reptile
By narrow vote, the Lawyer is selected, edging Congressman

From ABC News::
Jimmy Carter Urged to Give Fish a Chance
Will help protect him from rabbits

From CNN:
Film: Was 'Merchant of Venice' gay?
Critics agree: "That movie is so gay"

From CNN:
Rover hits one-year mark on Mars
Beats previous records set by Fido, Spot

From CNN money:
Pump prices fall for 9th week
Aerosmith CD priced to sell

From The New Mexico Channel:
NAACP Requests Investigation Into UNM Basketball Program
Confused whistleblower meant to call NCAA

From CNN International:
Young initiates kill circumcision nurse
Found out what circumcision meant

From The New York Times:
How Is a Martian Rover Like a Bear?
NASA robot craps in the woods

From ABC News:
Lawsuit: Krispy Kreme Padded Its Sales
And my waistline

From CNN:
Plan to bring Chinese cars to U.S.
Hope to repeat success of the Yugo

From CNN:
Schools aimed at training country doctors
Granny Clampett's Doctoring School for Critters and Regular Folk, with campuses in Beverly Hills and Bugtussle

From Click On Detroit:
Teen Shot While Getting Haircut
Bad hair day

From CNN International:
Cat dynasty of Britain revealed
Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether, Eartha Kitt secretly running U.K. since 1966

From CNN International:
750 tons of garbage removed from Kenya market
Nairobi Target store closed

From CNN International:
German jobless figure rises
Roams the earth at night

From ABC News:
Lonely Planet Helps Search for Intrepid Readers
Neptune, single since divorce from Pluto, places personal ad

From ABC News:
Some Senators Have Big 2006 Campaign Funds
And you know what they're compensating for

From ABC News:
Bush Calls for 'Big Things' From Congress
Wanted to say "fiscal responsibility" but couldn't think of the words

1 comment:

  1. as usual, laughed my ass off. glad that there's no Krispy Kreme outlet in my little town, hard enough to try to lose weight as it is. someday, i'll fit into a 34" waist again....
    a tip: lay off the Pizza Hut, keep you from looking like a Hutt.


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