Monday, January 3, 2005

More Son of Headline News

From ABC News:
Making the Tsunami Tragedy Real
100,000 people and their families need not read this report

From ABC News:
W.Va. Faces Mental Health Care Crisis
Hospitals full of "crazy West Virginians"

From ABC News:
Suit: Children's Motrin Has Side Effects
Three-headed children not seen as a plus

From ABC News:
Action Figures for Adults Who Won't Grow Up
Wardrobe Malfunction Barbie

From ABC News:
Annika named AP's top female athlete again
Lack of other female athletes that anyone has heard of cited as top reason

From ABC News:
TSA Under Fire for Rising Theft by Baggage Screeners
Suggests hiring thieves was bad idea

From CNN:
US Airways execs serve passengers
Survivor: "It's a cookbook!"

From CNN:
Peterson's mistress set for prime-time interview
To be Today Show's "Slut of the Week"

From CNN:
Shirley Chisholm dies at age 80
Cynthia McKinney's title of "Craziest Black Women Alive" secure

From Fox News:
Hundreds Flee Hazardous Arkansas Plant Fire
Burning Geranium threatens towns

From The New York Times:
Gonzales Is Likely to Face Hard Questions in Hearings
Democrats renege on promise of no math

From The New York Times:
Boston Mayor Wants Vehicles, Not Cans, in Parking Spaces
Oscar the Grouch ticketed

From The New York Times:
Hey Good-Looking, This One's Not for You
Madonna releases medley of Hank Williams tunes

From The New York Times:
Death of Man Hit by Train Poses a Puzzle
If a train leaves the station traveling east at 45 MPH, and a hobo enters the tunnels walking west at 3 MPH ...

From The New York Times:
Candidate Asks Gaza Militants to Stop 'Useless' Attacks on Israelis
Useful attacks sought

From BBC:
Thieves take brain remote control
McCoy left it in sickbay, Spock's recovery threatened

From BBC:
Headless body 'not suspicious'
Happens all the time. Nothing to see here. Move along now.

From BBC:
Beermaker swallows Russian brewer
Question of "spits or swallows" answered

From BBC:
Huygens probe course 'looks good'
Good looks run in family

From BBC:
Alcohol hampers depth perception
Being blind drunk cited

From The Washington Post:
Insurgents Press Campaign to Derail Elections
So far, only U.S. Mainstream Media, Democratic Party on board

From CNN:
Laser aimed at Chicago-bound jet
Dr. Evil's sharks sought for questioning

From WESH:
Deputies Break Up Cockfighting Operation
Ron Jeremy, Jamie Gillis arrested

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