Monday, January 3, 2005

More Pizza

Visiting the Sphinx in Egypt was an experience that I'll never forget. As was seeing the Grand Canyon. Plus, I got to eat Pizza Hut pizza at each landmark. I mean, how many people do you know that have eaten pizza at those places? That's what I thought. But, you know what? I've eaten pizza at another famous landmark.

Last summer, the wife and I went on vacation to Niagara Falls. I didn't know that much about the place, other than it was supposed to be a big honeymoon destination, and that there were two waterfalls: American and Canadian. I know that Canada is in North America -- I'm not as stupid as I look -- but they aren't considered "American." I guess they are North American. But that's not the same thing. The U.S. gets to be "American," but no one else. It's one of the benefits of being able to kick any other country's ass. So anyway, there are the American Falls and the Canadian Falls. And, I knew that the Canadian Falls are the horseshoe-shaped falls that are the more famous and recognizable of the two.

Since Canada has the better-looking of the waterfalls, I thought we'd stay on the Canadian side. So, we got reservations at the Hilton Fallsview. Turns out, there are actually lots of hotels there calling themselves "falls view." Since we didn't stay at all of them, I can't say what the view was like, but some made me really wonder. But, our room had a good view of the falls. So it was alright. The wife was happy, and that's what's important.

While we were there, we ate at lots of different places. I'll tell you all about trying to eat real food in Canada, but that's another story for another day. For now, just know that I found a Pizza Hut. Actually, it was a place that sold Pizza Hut pizza. Which is sort of the same thing. Sort of. Anyway, I ordered pizza. And we sat and looked at the falls while I ate my Pizza Hut pizza.

So, I can add Niagara Falls to my list of places where I've eaten Pizza Hut pizza. And the reason this is important is that I'm starting a club of people who have eaten Pizza Hut pizza at famous places. Membership is easy: eat Pizza Hut pizza at a famous place. Niagara Falls counts. As does the Grand Canyon. And the Sphinx. And, as a club member, we get free Pizza Hut pizza for life.

All I've got to do is get Pizza Hut to go along.


  1. I once ate some Pizza Hut pizza in Saratoga Springs, NY. Wait...maybe it was Round Table. It had anchovies, that's all I remember. You're not one of those ham & pineapple people, are ya?

  2. No way! Meat, meat, and more meat on my pizzas.


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