Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Private: Headline News 2005-09-07

From CNN:
Saturn's rings surprise scientists
Hid behind corner, jumped out and yelled 'Boo!'

From CNN:
Don't count Mardi Gras out in New Orleans
Promoters advertising record number of wet t-shirt contests in 2006

From CNN:
Australian cane toad meets match
Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka * overcomes toad from Down Under

From CNN:
Scientists want help to save wetlands
New Orleans residents just want their yards back

From CNN:
Web inventor: Online life will produce more creative children
Or would, if those online actually had a life

From WPLG:
South Florida rethinks hurricane plan
Need new plan that does not involve evacuating to Mississippi or Lousiana

From CNN:
Mexico excited to play role in Katrina relief
Offers to pick up trash, cut grass once water recedes

From ABC News:
Schwarzenegger May Veto Gay-Marriage Bill
Adds: "If it was limited to two women, then okay, I'd sign it, because I think that's soooo hot!"

From ABC News:
Troops rescue kidnapped contractor
Troops tired of waiting for Sean Penn and his boat to rescue Roy Hallums

From ABC News:
Volunteers Restore Net Access for Katrina Victims
Can now order food, water online


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  2. New Orleans residents just want their yards back



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