Friday, September 2, 2005

Evil Glenn's BlogAd

A Filthy LieEvil Glenn Reynolds ™ howled in pain. Kevin covered his ears. "Please, Master. Tell me what I can do to stop the pain?"

Evil Glenn ™ lifted Kevin bodily and tossed him against the wall. "Don't speak unless I tell you too! Do you understand me? I SAID DON'T SPEAK!" And Evil Glenn ™ hit his assistant with a stick he kept nearby just for this purpose.

"How did she get ahead of me?" asked Evil Glenn ™. "That can't be right. NZ Bear will pay!" And he shook his fist as he turned every shade from fire red to deep purple.

"You are correct, Master," said Kevin. "It doesn't add up."

Evil Glenn Reynolds ™ suddenly paused. Then, "AD! That's it!! Kevin, you're a genius! I'll buy a BlogAd!"

Then he paused. What could he do that would be effective? What kind of advertisement would be the best?

He was used to being at the top of the Ecosystem, and now that he had dropped, the attacks would increase. The vultures would be waiting. Wait a second! That was it! Vultures!

He knew what his ad would be. He would take her head on! And he would return to the top after he stopped her.

In a few clicks, Evil Glenn Reynolds ™ had his ad ready and posted:


  1. Basil, you are wicked, which is why I keep visiting

  2. Too damned funny!

    PS - "NZ Bear with pay" ... will, perhaps? :P

  3. Thanks!

    And yes, that'll be corrected. I started this after midnight and actually fell asleep with my hand on the mouse. Called it a night, cleaned it up this morning, but missed some stuff.

    I blog too much.

  4. Basil , you have talent ...LOL Love it !!!

  5. Filthy Lie Roundup: Evil Glenn's Blog Ad

    Oh no! Evil Glenn isn't at the top of the Ecosystem anymore! Now who can we hate and try to gang up on? (Or does this show that The Alliance is working...) Anyways, in order for us to be a


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