Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Headline News 2006-05-02

From CNN:
'Moderate' quake jolts Tokyo
Bush blamed

From CNN:
Dolphin deaths baffle scientists
Suicide note found: 'So long and thanks for all the fish'

From WPXI:
Dog rescued from sewer
Shih Tzu found floating in water

From WFTV:
Police: Child porn found in high-tech car
Michael Knight arrested, KITT impounded

From WTOV:
Guard charged with sex with inmate
If convicted, will be able to have sex with inmates 24 hours a day

From KMGH:
Bear steals lunch as man stops for break
Yogi, Boo Boo sought for questioning

From Washington Post:
FBI Sought Data on Thousands in 2005
Agency told to investigate without data

From Washington Post:
Gallaudet Students Continue Protests Against New President
Student spokesman: 'They just aren't hearing us'

From ABC News:
Army Seeks Blood Donations for Iraq War
Blood closes at $75 a barrel

From ABC News:
Day Without Gringos: Mexico Begins Boycott of U.S. Goods
Mexicans in U.S. excused from boycott


  1. Tuesday...

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  2. May Day for Our Country...

    Strange gathering, with signs which seemed to imply that immigrant communities in America were under attack (as they demand that Congress grant immigrants full rights under the law.) LEGAL" immigrants already have those protections....


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