Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Such Nice People II

When I met a couple of bloggers last year in Las Vegas, I mentioned how impressed I was with them. And with other bloggers I had met (local bloggers, at the time). Well, I've had the pleasure this past weekend to meet two more. And again, they make me think that bloggers are the nicest folk.

When the Wife and I finished planning last week's trip to Tennessee for, we decided to see just how much we could squeeze into a weekend. So, we pulled out our Jacksonville Suns schedule and saw they were in Huntsville, Alabama, playing the Huntsville Stars on Saturday afternoon. Since we were done Friday, that fit our schedule.

Oh, why the Jacksonville Suns? Well, since you asked, I'll let you know that the Suns are the Dodgers AA affiliate. And that's important because the Dodgers Class A affiliate is the Columbus Catfish. The team the Wife and I support locally.

What that means is that some of the players we saw play for the Catfish in 2004 are playing in Jacksonville. And we'd get the chance to see them again.

So, we scheduled a trip to Huntsville on the way back.

Now, here's where it got good. There's a blogger I read that's in the Huntsville area. It's Alabama Improper, who has a Huntsville Stars banner on her site. So, we'd get to see a baseball fan and a blogger all rolled into one.

But there was a bonus. She's got two kids, as other fans of her know. And they were going to meet us for the game, too.

Now, I need to confess something right now. I think baseball is a game for kids. True, not all children enjoy going to baseball games. But I have always enjoyed going to baseball games ... and really enjoy baseball games with children.

What kind of confession is that? Well, that's not it. Here's the confession: I like to get kids in trouble.

So, I'm at a baseball game, having a great time, meeting a great lady, enjoying the company of her great children at the game ... and since they're so well-behaved ... I see a challenge.

The worst thing I did was offer her son a dollar to climb the net behind home plate. (No, she didn't let him.) So, I was pretty well-behaved.

But I had a blast. And so did the Wife.

AI is a fun ... and funny ... person. She's a doll. A living doll.

We've got to find a reason to get back up that way and hang out with AI and the family again.

That was Saturday. On Sunday, according to the Suns schedule, they left Huntsville and went to Montgomery to play a series with Biscuits. Yes, the team is the Montgomery Biscuits.

We went to the Suns-Biscuits game and again had a good time. And after the game, we got a real treat: We met Dragonlady and Mr. Dragon.

We met them at the Barnes & Nobel in Montgomery and spent a good bit of time getting acquainted. You see, we hadn't communicated very much prior to the meeting ... except for the interview she did. That was fun ... and I found out Sunday just what a fun person she is.

We had a great time talking with her and the Mr. ... and then had the pleasure to break bread with them before heading home.

It was fun making fun of the waiter ... behind his back. I mean, we didn't want him spitting in the food or anything. But, it was fun acting the fool. It seemed easy for her ... and that's a good thing.

Dragonlady loves life and has a good time ... and makes those around her have a good time, too.

Now, while I really had a blast talking with Dragonlady ... and the Wife did too, by the way ... the Wife actually seemed to click with Mr. Dragon. You see, neither one of them are bloggers ... and they don't read them either. Oh, and the Wife found out she knew some of Mr. Dragon's family. Small world, huh?

I hated to have to call it short ... but we had to finish the trip back home ... and were dog tired. So, we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

We weren't up long when we got home ... being dog tired and all. But we had a blast Sunday due to meeting Dragonlady and Mr. Dragon. Again, we need to find an excuse to head in Dragonlady's direction for something so we can do that again.

Like I said last summer, bloggers is the nicest folk. Alabama Improper and Dragonlady confirmed that again this weekend. Thanks, ladies!

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