Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Headline News 2006-05-24

From ABC News:
Urine Ruins W.Va. Courthouse Shrubbery
Groundskeeper pissed

From ABC News:
Report to advise Bush on post-Castro Cuba
Should be useful to 4th President Bush

From ABC News:
Pentagon urges China to explain military buildup
Denies planning rescue of Jack Bauer

From ABC News:
Iran Closes Newspaper Over Cartoon Furor
"Just don't get" Dilbert's humor

From ABC News:
Tribe Seeks Greater Freedom to Kill Eagles
Paul Grasmanis fears for life, retires

From ABC News:
Zoo apes have taste for red wine
Enjoys liver with fava beans and a nice Chianti

From ABC News:
Nicole Richie and Ex-Fiance Split Again
Finally understands meaning of "ex-"

From KIRO:
Puppies mistakenly euthanized
Were supposed to be used as alligator bait

From WKMG:
Teacher claiming to be Luke Skywalker arrested
Held for questioning on Death Star

From CNN:
Plan to allow all illegal immigrants to stay rejected
Illegal immigrants stay anyway


  1. From KIRO:
    Puppies mistakenly euthanized

    What? No blender joke?

  2. I went for the cheap alligator joke. The last alligator joke someone left here seemed to get a reaction from Dade County Florida publik skools.

    You know, just in case anyone wants to stir up trouble in the next few days, we'll already have the pump primed.

  3. Those are great!
    Thanks for the laughs!!

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